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Talent Spotlight – Steph Grasso

By: Viral Nation | 5 mins read |
  We sat down with Steph Grasso for our Talent Spotlight of the month! As a Registered Dietitian and social media influencer, Steph creates nutritional content to educate and inspire her 2+ million followers on how to make healthier lifestyle changes, and enjoy what they are creating in the kitchen. She is known for delivering digestible TikTok videos that educate viewers on balanced eating and lifestyle.  Steph uses her expertise and comedy to provide evidence-based nutrition advice and debunk trending nutrition myths. She is well known for her grocery guides and meal prep tips and has helped many of her followers develop a healthier relationship with food.  Continue reading to find out more about all things health and wellness on social media and Steph’s exciting projects for the upcoming year! Who are you? What’s your preferred platform & content vertical?  I’m Steph Grasso, I’m 27 years old, and I am a Registered Dietitian/full time content creator living in Washington DC. My preferred platform is TikTok, where I post relatable nutrition content that is not only educational, but entertaining! I also sync all of my content to Instagram Reels! How did you get introduced into the content creator space? To be honest, it was an accident! I was never into posting on social media until I went viral on TikTok in 2020. Prior to becoming a content creator, I worked at the hospital as a clinical dietitian during the pandemic. When I got home from work, my “getaway” was to create videos. I downloaded TikTok way before it became popular, so I felt more comfortable putting myself out there. I will always remember that feeling of my first viral video (it was about magnesium). It made me realize that the world is interested in nutrition and is in need of evidence-based nutrition tips to help mute the BS info that is already out there.  A little bit about my background/interests, I’ve always been interested in videography and dreamt of becoming a film director one day. I felt obligated to get a degree in the science field, which is when I fell in love with nutrition and dietetics. It’s crazy how my 2 worlds ended up colliding.  What do you wish you knew when starting as a content creator? Do not let the number of views determine how successful you are. Viral is not always a good thing. Most of the time, going viral could be for the wrong reason. (But not always, and those days are great!) What matters is to engage with YOUR audience and focus on their needs. It’ll come a long way.  What advice would you give your younger self or someone thinking of becoming a content creator? Be prepared to have your life consumed by content creation-it can take a toll on your mental health if you are not prepared. Learn how to balance between your work, relationships, physical and mental health. Always put you first. I learned the hard way where I would continuously work until I hit complete burn out. As a content creator, you will have this feeling where it feels like you always need to be working on something. After 2.5 years of creating content, I am just now learning that rest is productive.  How does content creation differ that you are in the food space? Although I post recipes, I am definitely not a chef nor have half the experience as some of these very talented food creators I see on my FYP. However, I will say that my recipes do stand out because they are balanced, convenient, simple and can be replicated in any household! Minimal cooking experience is required! I also like to put music to my recipe content and dance around the kitchen.  Brand Campaigns What campaigns have you been a part of?  I’ve been a part of many great campaigns with some of my favorite brands, including Orgain, KIND bars, ALDI, Health-Ade, MasterClass, CVS, Bush’s Beans, American Egg Association, Sabra Hummus, Instacart, Breville, NatureMade, Planet Oat, Manitoba Harvest, Blueshift, Clorox Here is an article I wrote for Bush’s Best on how to make a New Year’s  Resolution that will actually last.  What was your favourite one or most viral piece of content? Why? My educational skits are my favorite viral videos! I break down the science by playing different roles in the body and make a fun skit out of it. A common theme I see in the comment section is, “I’ve learned more in this video than my nutrition class.” I make these videos very digestible so that anyone can understand! Not to mention, they are pretty funny.  My most viral branded content is ‘crack an egg’ cups with the American Egg Board Association. It was a creative way to showcase the versatility and convenience of eggs. Many people did not know you can microwave eggs, Plus it was a spin-off from the trendy overnight oats.  Do you prefer a detailed content brief or full creative freedom? Honestly, I like a detailed content brief. I tend to overthink when I am given full freedom for a brand, which pushes me away from my creativity. When I know what a brand wants, I focus more on the delivery. Dream collaborations - what would be your dream brand(s) to work with? Why?  I feel like I hit most of my favorite food brands, so I would like to expand a little outside of my niche where I can travel and do food reviews like Royal Caribbean, Disney World, red carpet, etc. Even better, I would love to collaborate with celebrities by creating content in their kitchen to showcase their favorite foods/recipes.  Who would you be most excited about hosting on your health and wellness podcast in 2023? My 2 best dietitian friends, Kylie Sakaida (@nutritionbykylie), and Sarah Williams (@nutritionalsarah). If us 3 were on an episode together, it would be a RIOT (but also very educational).  What do you love the most about what you do? Being my own boss. Having the flexibility and control of my own schedule is truly amazing (but also requires a lot of discipline). I also love all of the new opportunities and connections that come along with being a content creator. You never know what the next day is going to look like. It can be as exciting as being featured on the Rachael ray show or going live on national TV! The opportunities never stop!  What content / personal challenges have you come across and how have you overcome them? Overcommitting is a big struggle of mine. I have some weeks where I would have 4 brand videos due and not enough time to create original content. This makes my platform less engaging and disconnects me with my audience. I learned to speak up when I feel like it’s too much. I cannot thank my agents enough (Olivia and Joanna) for helping me with this and just being there for me when I am struggling. I truly have no idea where I would be without them.  I never want to miss out on an opportunity because you never know where it will take you. However, I learned that the power of no (respectfully) is just as important. Who would your ideal sponsors be for one of your events?  Orgain and KIND because she I love their messaging behind their products (in addition to their product of course)  What does being on the advisory board for Orgain mean to you as a registered dietitian and social media influencer? I am SO honored to be a part of Orgain’s advisory board. I am looking forward to sharing my expertise and insight on health/wellness trends and excited to be a part of their  product innovation and new initiatives.  What’s your favourite recipe that will be included in your upcoming cookbook? My Cheesy Kielbasa Veggie skillet! It’s my most viral recipe that my followers cannot get enough of! It’s a perfect dish for picky eaters and those who do not incorporate many veggies in their diet.  Follow Steph on Instagram and TikTok for more great content. Stay tuned for our upcoming monthly Viral Nation Talent Spotlights!
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