Social media monitoring and screening with VN Secure.

Vet talent and candidates, ensure compliance with social media policies, and protect your brand reputation with the most advanced social media monitoring and screening solution.

How VN Secure benefits organizations

Marketing & Influencer Marketing

Ensure your talent is on-brand.

Quickly source talent aligned with your brand’s core values, and be sure your creative campaigns are safe from controversy.

  • Generate social media audits of potential talent hires in less than 24 hours
  • Easily compare talent profiles to find the best match
  • Future-proof your brand by enabling 24/7 monitoring of talent social accounts

PR & Communication

Be in the know, 24/7.

Catch social media mishaps as soon as they happen to proactively manage and protect your brand reputation.

  • 24/7 monitoring of social posts of specific users
  • Instant alerts of non-compliant posts sent to your inbox
  • Customizable tolerance levels based on theme, keyword, or other criteria

HR & Legal

See only what you need to see.

Automate social media screening and monitoring, and seamlessly integrate them with your current onboarding and hiring process.

  • Screen candidate social media behavior for risk criteria, including violence, profanity, hate speech, suggestive content, drug use, and more
  • Automate management of social media policy
  • Reduce risk, improve quality of candidates, and eliminate bias from manual social media screening

The complete brand protection and digital reputation management solution.

Offensive social media posts by talent hires, employees or partners can harm the reputations of public and private organizations alike.

The VN Secure social media monitoring and screening platform helps protect your brand by ensuring everyone representing your organization is aligned with your values.

Catch non-compliant content and take action before damage occurs with our scalable AI-powered technology.

Be the first to know

VN Secure’s proprietary AI technology analyzes text, image, and video content across major social media platforms, giving your organization visibility on the social media behavior of anyone representing your brand.

How it works

Provide handles and set your risk tolerance.

You provide the social media handles you want to analyze and tell us what to look for, or choose to screen for out-of-the-box risk categories.

Analysis of social media history by VN Secure.

The handles you provide are analyzed in depth by our AI-powered software. We dig deeper than our competitors.

Receive detailed reports, and activate 24/7 monitoring.

You receive a detailed report of flagged social posts from every handle. For extra peace of mind, activate real-time 24/7 monitoring of handles.


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