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Tracking & Measurement with Influsoft

A proprietary software that gives you the most transparency and control in every phase of your campaigns.

Created by
Marketers for Marketers


Say goodbye to spreadsheets

  • Navigate your Influencer network seamlessly with detailed sorting functionality
  • View detailed cross channel Geographic, Psychographic and Demographic metrics on an Influencer's account(s)
  • Proprietary AI-powered Audience Authenticity scores for opted-in Influencers
  • Talent Contract Management
  • Brand Matching Scores (Q2 2020)
  • Influencer Search Portal - 25 million-plus Influencers (Q2 2020)
  • Seamlessly assign chosen Influencers to campaigns. Create and determine campaign goals, objectives, timelines and budgets, as well as defining pertinent campaign metrics such as CPM and CPV
  • Assign and manage tasks for members of your team, influencers, and your clients
  • Manage and schedule deliverables for a specific campaign, specifying deadlines and types of activations
  • Track Agency hours for all tasks
  • Track Agency hours for all tasks
  • Brand Matching Scores (Q2 2020)
  • Workback schedule calendar
  • Think, Asana, and Trello that syncs and lives directly in your campaigns!
  • Upload, assign and view campaign contracts with Influencers for easy access and transparency
  • Keep communication with Co-workers, Clients, and Influencers, centralized within the platform through an easy to use messaging interface
  • Present your Client influencer lists where they can approve, reject and provide detailed rationale
  • Clients are given a detailed view of an Influencer’s audience, engagement and campaign history


Granular insight into every and all metrics of an Influencer & Social Marketing Campaign

  • Define specified metrics of a campaign (views, impressions, interactions) for a specific campaign and track your progress in real-time
  • In-depth Video Analytics, Impressions, Engagements, Click-Through Data and 300+ other metrics through direct partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Twitch, and Google Analytics
  • Influsoft now supports Tik Tok engagement tracking
  • LinkedIn & Snapchat coming soon
  • Easily share campaign data with your Clients through simple link sharing, exportable PDF or direct login in - the platform is available to them in real-time 24/7
  • Ability to upload post metrics and screenshots manually when needed
  • Simple Influencer assignment directly through the CRM module, search tool, lists or directly within the campaign


Advanced Social Listening built directly into the Influsoft Platform

  • Understand what people are saying about your brand across the web using our proprietary web analysis functions and collected data
  • Influsoft analyzes RSS feeds, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram & YouTube and allows users to quality control content
  • Analyze Hashtags, Sentiment, Location, Engagement, and Viewership Metrics for all content
  • Compare your brand against your competition, using a number of in-depth metrics
  • Determine Share of Voice
  • Understand Sentiment, Wordclouds, Trending hashtags, Demographic, Geographic and user Emotion data
  • Choose specific media sources you’d like to aggregate from
  • Compare results from any campaign within Influsoftt against each other to determine historical performance
  • Previous Measure, UGC and Campaign Analysis can be aggregated against each other seamlessly

What makes Influsoft Unique?

Influsoft has licensed API integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Twitch,,
LinkedIn, Google Analytics and now supports reporting for Tik Tok.

Brand Analysis &
Social Listening

  • Brand sentiment analysis + competitor comparison
  • Cross-platform campaign comparisons
  • UGC social listening and analysis
  • In-depth Hashtag and RSS feed analysis

End to End Influencer
Campaign Management

  • Cross-platform API grade campaign analytics tracking
  • Visual goal & Performance tracking
  • Live 24/7 Intuitive dashboard
  • Customizable API integrations

AI Powered Authenticity
Analyzer & Fraud Detection

  • Proprietary Influencer Authenticity Score
  • Brand Safety Assurance
  • Fraud Detection Reports


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