The $200 billion videogame industry is an increasingly crowded space today. Established battle royale titles like Fortnite and PUBG generate billions every year, with hundreds of millions of users. It can be challenging for new entrants to break through, even with the brand value of a name like Call of Duty. When Call of Duty: Warzone released last year, this was the key challenge that Activision faced: how do you create a strong, long-term userbase in a saturated market? Through influencer marketing!

Viral Nation helped Activision drive millions of views to the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend by activating some of the top eSports and gaming influencers on YouTube. Vikkstar, CouRage, iFerg, and Ogro were just a few of the top gaming YouTubers Viral Nation tapped to amplify the Call of Duty League message. Through co-streaming and custom watch parties, these influencers helped the official Call of Duty League page hit 1.1 million subscribers, with nearly 7 million views over the course of the campaign. 

By connecting Activision with the top names in the gaming space, the co-streaming campaign leveraged their user bases to drive views and subs on the CDL channel. Viral Nation’s co-streaming campaign played a significant, measurable role in introducing gamers to competitive CoD: Warzone.

As Call of Duty: Warzone heads into Season 7, millions of new viewers and players are helping to build a rock-solid user base and community. By driving thousands of new subscribers and millions of views, Viral Nation’s co-streaming campaign created awareness on YouTube that’s had a tangible impact on the Warzone community and Activision’s monthly revenue from the game. 

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