Social media was set ablaze this week after Kendall Jenner joined TikTok, the vastly popular  short-form video platform. While this may sound like a huge win for the rapidly growing platform, there was one small caveat: it wasn’t actually Kendall Jennere. There was just one problem: it wasn’t actually Kendall Jenner. 

The account received a blue checkmark, an indication that the account had been “verified” by TikTok as the account belonging to the model and reality TV star, before coming to the conclusion that the account was nothing more than an imposter. But not before the account was up for a little less than 12 hours.

“Within hours of verifying an account claiming to be Kendall Jenner, an internal review raised questions about the account’s authenticity, and TikTok immediately removed it,” a TikTok spokesperson told CNN Business.

The massive blunder raises questions about TikTok’s practices for vetting accounts, and how it protects its platform. It comes at a somewhat inopportune time as well, being that TikTok has emerged as the hottest social media network of the moment.

TikTok accidentally verified a fake Kendall Jenner account

Similar to many other social platforms, TikTok offers a checkmark for accounts that indicate an account actually belongs to a notable person or brand. This can anyone from a celebrity, a company, or even a teen TikTok sensation. On its website, TikTok writes: “The verified badge is a quick and clear way to let you know you are following the real deal, rather than a fake or fan account.”

Acquiring a celebrity of Jenner’s caliber as a user on the platform would be a massive win for any social network. The Kardashian-clan sister has over 122 million followers on Instagram alone.

It’s unclear how this blunder slipped through the cracks, and TikTok provided no further details on the matter. But clearly, the platform has some issues that need to be addressed as the network continues its rapid growth.


“In an age where a blue checkmark is a symbol of power and influence, the gatekeepers of all social platforms need to ensure there are accurate reviews prior to verification to retain trust within their community and the marketing world,”

Joe Gagliese, co-founder and CEO of influencer marketing firm Viral Nation.


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