For those who may not know, Influencer marketing is on pace to become a multi-billion dollar industry by 2020. It’s safe to say this industry is not a passing fad. And the stigma that influencers are just models who promote diet teas on their Instagram page couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s an entire industry that allows brands to reach engaged audiences in visually captivating and relatable ways. The authenticity and personal nature of influencer campaigns are just one of the many reasons that the industry is growing so rapidly.

Influencer Marketing and Its Rise to Multi Billion Dollar Status

For brands looking to dive headfirst into the influencer space, quality influencer marketing agencies are important because they have the experience and have put in the research to find the ideal influencers for a particular brand. They possess a deep and thorough understanding of audience demographics and the latest trends in the space, all the while building relationships with reliable influencers who know how to effectively present products and experiences to their audience. Marketers will need this expertise to navigate the thousands of potential influencer candidates. 

Industry leaders in the influencer marketing space are presenting dashboards filled with analytics clients. Having access to these analytics will help to push marketing and brand managers that are “on the fence” about influencer marketing to at least give it a go. They will be encouraged by leading influencer marketing agencies, such as Viral Nation, an organization that essentially guarantees high-quality fan interactions and works to determine the ROI of an influencer campaign in advance. 

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