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Social media is an unparalleled platform for growth. But in today’s digital world, when entire brand experiences, careers – even relationships – take place entirely online, these platforms can also introduce new, often unseen risks.

Protect yourself and your organization with accurate, AI-powered social activity audits – past, present and future – on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Viral Nation Responsible Governance

Responsible governance includes social media

Your entire organization – from marketing and comms, to HR, legal, and compliance – has a stake in ensuring brand-appropriate online conduct. But without a way to identify and take action on violations, you may be just one misstep away from a crisis.

Don’t leave yourself exposed. Lifetime reviews, ongoing monitoring, and customizable attributes ensure that everyone who represents you – from internal teams to talent partnerships – is aligned with your values.

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Automatic analysis dives deep into profile posts and comments, audience comments, and posts in which the profile is tagged — past, present and future – on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

Images, texts, audio, and video are interpreted, categorized, and rated using powerful, patent-pending AI technology. Emotion and sentiment analysis provide deep contextual insight.

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Viral Nation Platform Customized Requirements

Customized to your unique requirements

Analyze profiles only for your categories of concern at the risk levels you prefer – or add your own. Audit and monitor for words, phrases, objects, images, and sentiment specific to your brand. Report against an entire social history, or a specific period of time, for the platforms and media of your choice.

Automatic alerts make it easy to monitor adherence to internal policies and external regulations, and take action for yourself or the company you represent.

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