End-to-end influencer campaign and talent management platform

Create quality connections, streamline operations and maximize results
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Talent discovery and qualification

360° view of influencers, creators, and their audiences to find the perfect match

  • First-party API access to Viral Nation’s exclusive network of talent
  • Tier-one third-party data partnerships for discovering talent across all prominent social platforms
  • Psychographic and geographic analysis of an Influencer and their audience (location, reachability, brand affinities, languages, ethnicities and more!)
  • Engagement metrics including likes, comments, shares, and reach; and past performance of branded or sponsored content
  • Automated talent and rationale sharing for easy cient-influencer qualification and communication
Viral Nation Platform Influsoft Talent Discovery
Viral Nation Platform Influsoft Campaign Workflow

Campaign workflow tools and resources

Easily manage and control internal process and external talent

  • Full Influencer/talent CRM
  • List sharing with automated approval, rejection, and rationale
  • Client dashboard to view all campaign data and performance
  • Influencer task, deliverable and contract management functionality

Tracking and reporting

Tracking campaign success in one central hub, available 24/7

  • First-party API partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch and third-party support for TikTok reporting on 50+ metrics
  • Advanced click-through and conversion tracking via partnerships with Short.io (lgeographic and referrer data)
  • Sentiment and emotion analysis, audience location, trending themes and hashtags on influencer campaigns and user-generated content
Viral Nation Platform Influsoft Tracking Reporting
Viral Nation Influsoft

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