PUBG Mobile – Game Launch (0.5 UPDATE)

PUBG Mobile – Game Launch (0.5 UPDATE)

Tencent Games

Tasked with the first social and influencer marketing campaign to launch Tencent Games’ popular battle-royale game PUBG Mobile in North America, this campaign by Viral Nation is what took PUBG Mobile from startup to one of the leading mobile gaming apps, setting its path to top the charts and win several gaming awards later in the year.

Our main objectives for this campaign were to drive brand awareness and game installs for PUBG Mobile, with a target goal to generate 35 million social media interactions.

The Goal:

  • Drive awareness and new users to PUBG Mobile.
  • Create engaging, memorable content that will resonate with the target audience and lead to mass sharing.
  • Generate 35 million social media interactions.

The Strategy:

  • “Let’s Play” – We partnered with some of the largest and most influential YouTube content creators such as Pewdiepie, Mr. Beast, UnboxTherapy to produce videos showcasing gameplay.
  • “Psychological Warfare” – We onboarded multiple Instagram Cosplayers and Female Gamers to promote the game on Instagram feed and stories.
  • “Viral Memes/Epic Moments” – We created 30+ pieces of content in-house and then distributed through our network of social publishers.
  • “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Cooking Show” – We produced a 2 hour cooking show, starring Mia Khalifa and celebrity chef Danny Smiles, to be livestreamed on PUBG Mobile’s YouTube and Twitch accounts.


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The Results:

78.8M Total Impressions

Exceeded projections by


Let’s Play

Total Views – 16,700,000
Total Clicks to install – 169,000

Psycho Warfare

Total Views – 10,650,000
Total Clicks to install – 87,100

Mass Dist. #1

Total Imp./Views – 42,500,000
Total Clicks to install- 111,000

Mass Dist. #2

Total Views – 10,450,000
Total Clicks to install – 80,000


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