At Viral Nation, we’re industry leaders in ensuring our talent receives proper compensation for their levels of reach, influencer and engagement.


Viral Nation acts as your full social media and digital representation. We turn dreams, hobbies and passions into lucrative careers.


Viral Nation influencers are among the most highly compensated in the industry.
Representing influencers since 2014, we’re able to be your guiding light for a long and fruitful career.
Our experienced team is here to ensure your content is fully protected, rights secure and influence properly recognized.

We’re able to help Influencers with their:

  • Branded endorsements
  • Merchandise
  • Ad Revenue
  • Product Creation
  • Financial and Estate Planning
  • Social Growth
  • Mentoring


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The difference between us and traditional agencies is we have hundreds of direct brand relationships.
Not only are we the top agency for social influencer representation, but our team are specialists in creating, organizing
and delivering the most impactful influencer marketing campaigns in the world.

We don’t wait for you to get brand deals, we make them and go get it for you! Only our signed talent can work with our fortune 500 brands! 


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Talent Selection

  1. DISCOVERY: You’re an incredible influencer and you apply to be represented by Viral Nation OR in some cases we find you!
  2. ESTABLISH: Viral Nation determines if you’re marketable and fit in with the Viral Nation family
  3. BOTTOM LINE: Once you’re represented by Viral Nation you make MORE money. Our talent makes far more on average compared to other influencers their size.
  4. #VIRALNATION: Not only do you become a part of an amazing organization, but you’ll be provided the much needed guidance on your path to a full-time social media career

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