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Though it’s taken on many forms and gone by many names, Influencer marketing has existed for almost as long as marketing itself. The basic formula remains the same; brands partner with noteworthy public figures and trusted names to boost both their sales and authority. Hiring in a well-known celebrity to hold a can of soda, wear a pair of athletic shoes or take a bite of a burger in slow-motion is an age-old marketing tactic for driving attention to your brand and traffic to a website, storefront or social media profile. Even today, this tactic is still effective for reaching target markets, but you have to have deep pockets to make an impact.

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However, the world of marketing as we know it has undergone a radical shift in recent years. Today’s millennial-saturated marketplaces, businesses are finding success in the newest iteration of influencer marketing — the type that occurs on social media.

Due to the exponential rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and others, previously ‘ordinary’ people have become micro-celebrities in their own right. These social celebrities are known as influencers, and while many of them may not be well known to the general public, they are incredibly influential to their audience… many of which are millennials.

Using influencer marketing to reach millennials is becoming an increasingly popular tactic to reach this elusive target group, and for good reason. It’s incredibly effective for driving many KPI’s, from brand awareness to conversions and everything in between. Let’s discuss both the reasons and the best practices for using influencers to reach millennials.

Why are influencers so effective?

Brands looking to gain the attention of millennials and win them over with your brands’ products or services turn to influencer marketing as their prime solution. Influencers have a finger on the pulse of millennial culture, which makes them the most effective ambassadors for delivering your brand message. Recommendations from influencers are highly trusted by the millennial market, far more than messages coming straight from brands themselves (in fact, 92% according to Nielson Research).

While there’s nothing bad about directly marketing to millennials – or any other demographic for that matter – sending your message out through popular influencers is simply more effective because of the level of trust their audience has in them, especially in comparison to your brand – which they may not yet be familiar with.

Influencers allow you to meet millennials where they spend most of their time

Millennials are tech-savvy and always on top of the latest technology. And the latest technology supports the more popular platforms. So the more technology you use, the better off you are at achieving visibility from this audience. Millennials spend hours a day on their smartphones and mobile devices, so if you’re looking to get your message across, find them where they are at.

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For example, Instagram, Snapchat, and even live-streaming apps like Twitch should be strongly considered as the focus of any social media influencer campaign. These are the places millennials are hanging out and learning to navigate these platforms inside and out will greatly benefit your brand’s social efforts.

Influencers speak to the hearts of Millennials

Think about what your brand represents and consider how it may align with a potential influencer and their audience. Whatever causes your brand stands behind, it will be better received if shared through the voice of an influencer.  Influencers are cool in the eyes of millennials. They are revered by their fans, who hang on their every word and essentially want to be just like them in every way.  Anything an influencers uses, wears, buys, millennials will strongly consider in their purchasing decisions.


The possibilities are limitless when it comes to what you can do and where you can take your brand with influencer marketing. Whether you’re marketing a product, service, a new technology, or an innovative software solution, a basic rule of sales remains true: they have to see it before you can sell it. Influencer marketing helps you put your brand in front of more people — more specifically, the people who are already most likely to take action and purchase your product or service. It’s a tried and true way to reach your target audience, and it’s continually proving to be a powerful way to reach the millennial market. The question is, are you ready to get started?


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