Twitter has opened up professional profiles for all users after trialing the feature with a select group of brands, making the process available to everyone. 

Professional profiles essentially give brands a way to add more contextual information about their business, like addresses and contact details, onto their Twitter profiles. 

Twitter’s announcement follows a slew of other features that Twitter has rolled out in the last year. Most of these features help brands, and content creators engage with their audiences meaningfully. 

Let’s dive into how this new feature works and how it fits within Twitter’s overall strategy. We also will explore how this impacts brands and what marketing on Twitter could look like in the future. 


What Are Professional Profiles?

Professional profiles give businesses access to a set of marketing features on Twitter. Brands can apply via a form to get their professional profile. Business information, as well as an extra tab to shop or a newsletter, will be displayed on your profile page. Currently, the feature to edit is not available, and you will have to submit the form if you want to make any changes.

Twitter, in its announcement, says that “Professional Accounts are a gateway to a wide range of professional tools not available to non-professionals, including our Twitter Ads, Quick Promote, Advanced Profile features, and our future efforts around shopping.”

Professional profiles will add certain new features to the profile – this includes a verification badge, business category, Business information, and a business profile badge. Twitter has also been trialing other additional modules like product showcase panel, AppStore link, image gallery, customer reviews, and more. Some of these may soon be added to the professional profiles. 

Currently, Twitter Professional Profiles feature three modules- About, Shop, and Newsletter. Critical business information such as opening times and location will be shown in the About module. The Shop module will showcase certain products from your website, and finally, the Newsletter module will let you add your Revue newsletter n your Professional Profile. 

Facebook has been moving businesses over to the new Business Manager to handle all the marketing aspects of the page. Twitter’s move is quite similar to this and perhaps a bit late to the party, per se. 

Professional profiles are also the latest in Twitter’s push to integrate more marketing features on the platform, something that has been sorely lacking so far. Businesses did not have much to work with in terms of features, and Twitter has also found it challenging to monetize the platform. 

The additions to the shopping feature on Twitter will also be a welcome move. Almost all platforms are making it easier to shop on their platforms, and Twitter is following suit. Professional profiles are also likely to have more features in the future as Twitter adds new options for brands. 


The Bigger Picture

Twitter’s struggles are pretty well documented, and it is perhaps the love-hate relationship that most people have with Twitter that makes it such an interesting platform. Traditionally, Twitter has been slow to monetize and has struggled to be profitable. For a platform boasting 365 million users and 206 million daily active users, Twitter has been profitable only twice in a calendar year (2018 and 2019). 

Twitter has been steadily increasing its net revenues globally, and 86% of its revenue comes from advertising. Since its launch in 2006, Twitter is also looking to expand its user base as well. The push to enable brands to do more is quite logical too. 

Twitter has been pushing a multi-pronged strategy to drive its next phase of growth. Betting big on audio, Twitter launched Spaces and has been marketing this widely. Spaces are slowly becoming more prominent and added more features to the module, including co-hosting. Twitter is also working on additional features like Ticketed Spaces to help creators monetize and generate additional revenue for themselves. 

Twitter also launched a new feature called Super Follows, which helps creators monetize their content and community. Similar to YouTube’s membership feature, it allows creators to share exclusive content, create niche communities, and more. This feature also creates opportunities for creators to earn and Twitter to add to its revenue. 

Looking at the big picture, it seems like the big red-lettered goal on Jack Dorsey’s office wall is “Monetize.” If we are being honest, Twitter is relatively late. The recent flurry of activity from Twitter does indicate a renewed sense of urgency, especially after 2020 where they posted a loss to the tune of $1.136 Billion. 


How Does This Help Brands?

Twitter has been working on Professional profiles since April 2021 and has been beta testing the feature for a select number of brands. The recent announcement opened it up to all businesses on Twitter. The idea behind the move is to create a single portal to access all features of marketing. 

It would make it easier for brands and businesses to manage their account information, as well as other marketing activities. It will also help you generate leads from Twitter more effectively with features like shopping links and contact details. 

The form covers a range of options, including letting users call the business directly or sending an SMS to contact. These additional features would be a welcome addition to the arsenal for brands on Twitter. As Twitter further expands its range of options available to businesses, the Professional profile will likely be a key module.


Marketing On Twitter: What Will It Look Like?

One of the additional benefits of this move for Twitter is that they can now easily distinguish between personal handles and professional accounts. Facebook has been limiting the reach of Facebook Pages to drive more businesses to spend on Ads. With Twitter professional profiles, this is a likely outcome too. 

For brands on Twitter, there is a lot to be excited about. The new features will make Twitter much more marketing-friendly, and hence it could feature more regularly in the marketing plans for businesses. The new features will make marketing much more efficient and help brands stand out. 


In Closing

Twitter is in many ways playing catch up with its fiercest competitors. The current strategy of moving beyond just an online discussion and microblogging platform is following the trend of diversification seen across the various social media platforms. 

There is a real need to enhance revenue sources and attract more brands and users to the platform. Increasing the number of advertisers and giving brands more options to promote their products/services is the obvious choice. Twitter Professional Profiles is a central part of this strategy. 

How will this feature evolve? Will there be additional features like longer posts? Will the Professional Profiles have the same reach as current business accounts? We will be monitoring the situation closely to observe how it develops, so stay tuned!

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