A return to in-person education is equal parts relieving and stressful after a year of home-bound learning for primary, secondary, and college students. As schools open their doors again, there will be a series of precautions that are likely to still exist as a holdover from the pandemic. Computer labs may be closed, no-contact and socially distanced environments will more than likely still exist in some capacity, and there will be a growing need for more technology to accommodate teachers’ and students’ needs.  

Of course, technology has always been a growing presence in education. Still, the demands for online learning and virtual meetings during the pandemic amped up the need for technology to play catch-up. It also revealed disparities that exist in lower-income households, like the lack of internet access, computer access, and even everyday school supplies.


Supplies For Everyone

Consumers now have more ways than ever to discover, research, and purchase products and services that best address their needs. They’re constantly confronted with a variety of content competing for their attention–but what content and sources do people seek out, trust, and find most influential? Influencers on social platforms seem to be a common go-to, especially those who are parents with diverse backgrounds and common pandemic struggles

Beyond technology, influencer-driven back-to-school campaigns present various perspectives on how to accommodate a wide range of consumers. Common topics include: 

  • Affordable supplies for those under financial strain.
  • Easy but impactful teacher supplies.
  • A combination of technical and traditional supplies and how they can offer similar benefits.
  • The importance of personal supplies for schools that will no longer provide them.
  • The best hand sanitizers and masks for kids and college students.
  • Specialized products, like antimicrobial backpacks and lunchboxes.
  • Personalized technology that helps with note-taking and better organization.
  • And, as always, the latest clothing and accessory trends now that students will be walking back into the classroom.

Brands have the opportunity to drive the right kind of engagement in an incredibly targeted way by simply allowing influencers to tell their own authentic and diverse stories that reach a larger range of consumers who sometimes feel ignored.


For Those Who Want More Tech

There are ways influencers are promoting back-to-school technology as families prepare for certain school changes. Here are a few common technology trends that may reflect these changes:

Portable Desks

As students find they need more room for their computers and accessories, portable lap desks have become a growing trend, especially for high school and college students. Instead of touching a well-used classroom desk, these can either be set on one’s lap or set on top of a desk for use. Influencers can help those looking for affordable options that provide the most perks for any age group.  

Smart Pens

Although some smartpens can be pricey, a few on the market are affordable, and many influencers swear by their usefulness when note-taking needs more structure. There are also note-taking apps that provide options for those who may not want to drop too much money on a writing utensil. Influencers are a great go-to when consumers are trying to determine if they will actually get what they pay for. 

Wrist-Worn Screen Scribblers

If you are prone to losing your tablet or phone stylus, wrist-worn screen scribblers are a great way to keep up with it, regardless of age.

As students are more likely to continue with tablets, even in the classroom, Influencers are promoting this device because it is easy to keep accessible and hard to lose. 

Solar Powered Charging Backpacks

Now that most school supplies have become more tech-savvy dragging a multitude of cords may not be the most practical way to charge the variety of devices required. Finding a plug for a classroom full of students makes it even that much more impractical. Solar backpacks offer a versatile solution for students who find themselves with multiple devices and little accessibility to traditional power supplies. 


The Bottom Line

There are so many school supplies to choose from, and depending on financial limitations and school requirements, Influencers are a good place to turn when looking for answers. It is more than learning about the coolest new gadgets (and there are some pretty great ones out there). Influencers provide practical advice and reviews for those who are looking for reliable products without wasting money or time searching.

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