During their 2021 TikTok World event in late September, TikTok presented a series of tools for marketers, influencers, and brands to make the most of the social media platform. 

We have discussed why platforms are rolling out new features and products–mainly because they are trying to maintain a certain momentum created within the last year, and they are all starting to see some slowing down.

“On TikTok, creators are at the heart of entertainment. They’re the reason people keep coming to the platform and keep watching once they’re here,” TikTok announced in a September 28 announcement. “One of our top priorities is to continue investing in our creators and ensuring that TikTok remains a destination for them to be seen, heard, appreciated, and compensated for their work.”

TikTok’s new tools and options list is expansive and a bit overwhelming, but there seems to be something for everyone.


The Expansive Tool List

TikTok explains that the new tools they provide will help brands resonate with users and “to own the creative process themselves, and truly step into the role of a creator.” 

There are three main categories that TikTok is expanding: creator solutions for brand collaboration, creative tools for brand creation, and interactive formats to foster brand engagement. There are several upgrades or new tools within each category. 

Creator Solutions:

  • First, creator solutions for brand collaboration include an update to the Creator Marketplace, a brand and creator connection platform that allows brands to locate appropriate influencers to work with them. 
  • They are also offering Open Application Campaigns, which provides creators more agency to “proactively engage with the brands they know and love, and allows them to showcase their content creation skills in collaborations.” 
  • They are also expanding Creator Marketplace Partners with Captiv8, Influential, and Whalar. This is an excellent way to match brands with the right influencers.
  • They are also providing brand content toggles for transparency.
  • They provide a Creative Exchange to help brands through the creative process by matching them with vetted creative services. 
  • Spark Ads to boost organic content to gain more user exposure.        

Creative Tools:

  • The Creative Center will help advertisers understand what’s working on the platform in real-time. They can explore top-performing ads and trends that are happening on the platform so brands can pivot accordingly. 
  • They provide an in-platform video editor so brands can adjust and create quickly. 
  • They also provide Dynamic Scene, a new tool to help brands change pre-existing content through machine learning, which breaks up a video into different scenes and then rearranges them into various videos to appeal to different demographics. 
  • They have also partnered with Vimeo Create to provide templates just for TikTok. 
  • Canva has also provided more than 50 templates for TikTok-specific ad content.  

Interactive Formats:

  • TikTok is providing a Customized Instant Page, which is a mobile landing page that loads quickly and includes video content in the app for user convenience and higher engagement.
  • They also provide a Pop-up Showcase of stickers, and other interactive features brands can quickly add to their videos for more visual appeal.
  • They provide Gesture Ads and Super Like 2.0, which further engage users once they explore a particular brand’s content. 
  • Finally, TikTok is offering Story Selection, which allows users to take part in how the story of an ad unfolds.

All of these new tool categories are extensive and cater to a brand in multiple ways. TikTok’s toolbox of creative and strategic options casts a wide net, benefiting brands that are confident in what would work best for the kind of campaigns they want to run. 


In Closing

Offering new tools into a platform can be hit or miss, but what happens when a platform like TikTok creates a scattershot of tools? Some are likely to land and be liked, while others may not. It will be interesting to see how this list of tools resonate with marketers, brands, and influencer in the coming months and which platforms will follow suit in the near future.

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