The Ultimate Guide to Target Twitter Influencers For Your Brand's Growth

by: Dustin Hawley | Tuesday July 16, 2019

Oh, influencers. A primary element of social media marketing trends in 2019, they have been making waves in the marketing industry for a few years now, and Twitter has played a crucial part in countless influencer marketing campaigns. In fact, according to recent studies conducted by Twitter itself, partnering with the right Twitter influencers can help brands boost a customers’ purchase intent by up to 88%. It's not just a platform for celebrities and politicians, Twitter is a place where real connections and conversations occur on social media. 

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As of late 2018, Twitter had more than 326 million active users on a monthly basis and saw about 500 million tweets in a single day. Due in large part to its massive user base and high level of activity, Twitter has emerged as an important and incredibly relevant social media marketing platform. Influencer marketing isn't just limited to Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube campaigns. Influencers are great for promoting your brand on Twitter, as well. Numerous brands have already started collaborating with influencers on Twitter, and your brand can join in on the action.

Effective influencer marketing on Twitter requires strategic planning and tactics specifically adapted for the platform. In this article, we'll break down how to target Twitter influencers and produce the best results from your Twitter influencer marketing campaign. So let's get started!

Start By Defining the Ideal Influencer

The first step when it comes to targeting Twitter influencers is to clearly outline exactly what it is you need in an influencer and their services. What is it that defines the perfect influencer for your brand? What should their follower count look like? How much engagement are they capable of generating? What's their niche? What type of personality do they have and how well do they connect with their fans?

These are the kinds of questions that can help you filter out the influencers who are best fit to work with your brand. There are a number of effective ways to define ideal influencers.

Define Ideal Influencers by Audience

The ideal influencer for your brand should have sway and ability to persuade your target audience. So start by looking at your target audience and see which influencers they are following and engaging with. You can even look for influencers whose audience shares the same interests and demographics as your brand's target audience.

Define Ideal Influencers by Topic

It's not just about searching for the best people to follow on Twitter. Your ideal influencer needs to be relevant to your industry in some way. This ensures that when they create their content and talk about your product, it blends naturally with the content they typically create. Defining influencers based on the topic they specialize in is paramount in the selection process. For example, if your brand specializes in B2B marketing services, it may be ideal to search for a top marketing influencer on Twitter, in order to create synergy in your messaging and brand alignment.

Conduct a search for influencers based on relevant keywords or category, which makes finding Twitter influencers much easier. You just have to think about all the topics that are relevant to your brand or niche and find influencers based on those keywords.

Identify the right influencers

Effective influencer marketing on Twitter starts with the influencer themselves. Having the right one endorsing your product or service is crucial to the success of the campaign. And anyone who has ever tried to identify the right influencer for their brand knows the massive amount of time and effort it takes to connect with them. So it’s important that you invest your time into selecting the right ones. It can be difficult to figure out how to find Twitter influencers.

When searching for influencers who are relevant on Twitter, look closely for people who tweet about your industry, products, services, and even your competitors. Why? Because their audiences are likely to be your target audiences as well.

Engage with your ideal influencers

Ok, so you've figured out a handful of potential Twitter influencers who are a good fit for your brand. Now, it’s time to reach out to them! The best way to begin this process is to start on Twitter itself. If you aren't already, start following them, retweeting their tweets, and commenting on the posts they share. This lets them know that you are paying attention to them and listening. Your brand can ask influencers on Twitter questions as a means of engaging them. Influencers appreciate it if you respect their knowledge and expertise. Asking relevant questions can be even more engaging than a simple retweet.

Once an influencer becomes aware of your presence and potential interest in them, you can reach out directly via a direct message. Simply explain the reason you’re reaching out, show your admiration for their work, and ask them for an opportunity to discuss a partnership further. However, it's recommended that you develop a relationship with an influencer on Twitter before you reach out to them. This is where working with an influencer marketing agency can be key. These agencies already have established relationships with a roster of influencers, and can help design and implement marketing campaigns that produce results.

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Use Twitter To Discuss your campaigns

Once you have established a relationship with an influencer, you then have a chance to discuss a potential partnership. Share your campaign goals, ideas, and creative hashtags you may have thought of with the influencer. Twitter influencers can help in making your campaign a success, as they can create significant engagement online and encourage more and more people to participate.

You can post a tweet that you are working on a campaign and looking for the help of influencers. See if you receive any retweet or tweet responses as a result. You can even reach out to them directly by sending a DM. If you have established a relationship with them (as described above) they're pretty likely to respond. This is an opportunity to share your idea and pitch the influencer on a potential partnership.

Nurture The Relationship With The Influencer

It isn't about sending a single message or retweet to an influencer and then calling it a day. True engagement requires continual effort. So once you have fostered a relationship with influencers, don’t be that brand that only contacts them when you have a campaign in mind. Nurture your relationships with them by commenting on their posts, retweeting their content, mentioning them in your tweets, and introducing them to others in your network.

Final Thoughts

In order to truly engage influencers on Twitter in a meaningful way, focus on building long-term relationships with them. Leverage Twitter influencers to boost your brand awareness, build credibility, and engage with potential customers online. 


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