In its simplest form, an influencer marketing platform serves to connect influencers to brands in a scalable way, producing positive results for both the brand and the influencer. And because most influencer marketing platforms are network agnostic, users often have a much larger selection of influencers to choose from, which enables influencer platforms to work with an influencer regardless if they’re signed with a talent manager.

For brands, advertisers, and those seeking to work with online creators in general, influencer platforms provide an effective method to analyze data for, contact, and even contract influencers for marketing campaigns. But to truly utilize a self-service platform to its potential, users must have a solid grasp of constructing, managing and executing an effective influencer marketing strategy.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of self-service influencer marketing platforms below.

Pros of Working with Influencer Marketing Platforms

There are many benefits that come with working with an influencer platform. Here are just a few of them.

Talent Access

Being that they are not typically network agnostic, influencer marketing platforms often provide extensive access to a large selection of influencers and creators of different varieties (ex; nano, micro, mid-tier, and macro).


Influencer platforms provide access to tons of talent, not to mention platform management tools and analytics. These tools and features make influencer marketing platforms much easier to scale.

Easy Workflow

Extensive features and intuitive management tools enable users to more easily manage their campaign and see exactly how they’re performing, often in real-time.

Data and reports

Data. Analytics. Reports. These features are the backbone of any good influencer platform. Apps like Influsoft have detailed data and reporting functions that rival those of the top influencer and CRM platforms currently on the market.

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Cons of Working with Influencer Marketing Platforms

While there are tons of benefits that come with working with an influencer platform, the strategy isn’t absent of its own set of drawbacks. Here are some of the cons of working with influencer marketing platforms.

Limited Insights to Influencer Availability

Though talent is often abundant on influencer platforms, it’s not always guaranteed that an influencer will have the availability to work with your brand. This is an area where working with an influencer marketing agency can present great value because they often have strong, established relationships with the influencers they work with.

Self-service Marketplaces = More Work for you

Those who choose to take the influencer platform route should do so knowing full well that the burden of the workload falls directly on their shoulders.  operating on a self-service platform, you’ll have to be the expert in executing your campaign.

Lack of Relationship with Influencers

Generally speaking, platforms are best used for quick one-offs in marketing initiatives where nuanced branding efforts and long-term strategy are not imperative…or at least not an area of focus. So while there may be a massive list of influencers to select from on any given platform, the lack of relationship with these influencers can make it difficult to build a long-term connection and strategy with them that benefits both brand and creator.


Final Thoughts

While the best platforms may boast thousands of influencers, many of the world’s top creators disregard platforms and instead opt to work through a manager or an influencer agency like Viral Nation. While there are many pros and cons that come with working with a platform, the individual needs of your brand’s campaign should be the ultimate determining factor on which option is best for you.

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