Influencer marketing can no longer be deemed a fad. It has quickly become the most preferred tactic for brands to connect with their target audiences on social media and beyond.

However, with multiple brands often targeting the same audiences, it can be very challenging to reach that specific audience more effectively than your competitors. Marketers find themselves enduring many sleepless nights trying to strategize, launch, and optimize their campaigns to drive the best results.

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As a result, many brands and marketers have turned to influencer marketing platforms and tools to help launch and amplify their campaigns. Perhaps your brand should consider doing the same. Let’s break down some of the best influencer marketing platforms on the market today and the features and functions that make them so valuable to business organizations around the globe.

Open Influence

Open Influence is an easy-to-use influencer discovery platform and analytics software that can help you build an effective influencer community in minutes. With Open Influence, you can find relevant influencers from a large database and compare them to choose the ones who best suit your brand and campaign goals. This platform uses AI to analyze each piece of content that an influencer creates, allowing you to see how different aspects of an influencer-created post can drive performance.


This is one of the world’s best all-in-one referral software platforms. Ambassador helps brands identify the influencers, affiliates, employees, and other advocates they wish to partner with.

You can easily enroll them and run targeted, personalized influencer marketing campaigns. The best part? You can manage all of your influencers in one place while monitoring their performance in real-time. You can also use this platform to analyze which influencer(s) are getting you the most revenue, leads, and customers. You can also run cohort analysis to optimize your campaign in real-time.

In addition, Ambassador allows you to make payments using a method of your choice. You can also structure your payments based on sales, influencer type, and several other factors. For those looking for a referral software solution for their influencer campaign, Ambassador is for you.


Traackr is an all-in-one solution that can help you with influencer discovery, management, and analytics. This platform allows you to scale your influencer marketing campaigns with powerful analytics, data-driven insights, and consistent campaign monitoring tools.

Traackr allows you to prioritize influencers based on audience insights. You can track conversations on social media and validate real influence to see whether an influencer is a good fit for your brand or not.

This powerful influencer platform helps you get the most out of your influencer marketing campaign. You can select influencers based on their performance, and also check audience insights and measure your campaign results.


Scrunch is a platform that helps you find relevant influencers from a database of over 20 million influencers. It allows you to discover and partner with the best influencers for your brand to help you reach your target audience.

The platform helps you understand what influences the buying decisions of your audience through an in-depth analysis of audience demographics and interests. You can also leverage real-time reporting to better understand which content performed well and which of your audience segments were the most engaged.


This end-to-end influencer marketing solution helps you connect with real people in order to deliver authentic brand affiliations. MARKERLY allows you to leverage its powerful platform to identify and partner with influencers whose lifestyles are most relevant to your brand and values.

For influencer marketing, they have two options. The first allows you to create your own marketing network and provides access to influencer CRM tools. The second option is for those marketers who are looking for someone to manage their influencer campaigns for them. The latter enables you to focus on other tasks and important aspects of your business.

MARKERLY helps you streamline workflow, including content creation, contract management, campaign tracking, optimization, and measuring results. You can also see how the branded influencer content is performing across a number of social media platforms.

The self-proclaimed ‘smartest influencer marketing platform’, Upfluence is an AI-powered influencer marketing tool that helps you discover influencers on various platforms. Upfluence allows you to look for relevant influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and even blogs.

Upfluence has an extensive database of influencers from over 150 countries around the world. Influencers on the platform are screened for high-quality engagement and reach. You can also filter the results of your influencer searches based on their geolocation, statistics, engagement rates, and other parameters. Additionally, Upfluence also enables you to send email blasts, streamline your campaigns, receive real-time updates, and even measure your ROI. Pretty cool, huh?


IZEA is an influencer platform that helps you build, manage, analyze, and amplify your brands’ influencer marketing campaigns.

Leveraging this platform gives you the ability to find influencers and content creators who specifically fit your target demographics. IZEA also allows you to perform keyword searches and then filter the results based on advanced demographics and location. Additionally, you can also manage all of your influencers, creative briefs, requirements, payments, and other campaign details all in one place.


TapInfluence is a hugely powerful platform that helps you find the right influencers who want to work for your brand. The platform provides you with a 360-degree view of an influencer, including insights about their audience and their real-time CPE (cost per engagement). TapInfluence makes is simple and easy to both build and execute influencer campaigns of any size or level of complexity. It also has tools to help you with communication, campaign briefing, content creation, content review, and promotion processes.

Brands are always searching for updated guides on how much they should pay an influencer. TapInfluence is specifically designed to help you find the right answer. Using this tool gives you and your company the ability to find industry benchmarks and establish your influencer pricing accordingly. The platform also allows you to measure and analyze your views, reach, conversions, ROI, and media reach of your influencer campaign.

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