Swift Guide to Influencer Apps: Everything You Need to Know

by: Dustin Hawley | Wednesday May 22, 2019

Many of the most popular influencers live the seemingly easy life, gallivanting about on their world travels living in the lap of luxury. However, the reality is that influencers have a lot on their plates. They need to constantly come up with fresh, engaging content for the brands they partner with while ensuring that content gets out to their audiences effectively through social media.

Fortunately for most influencers (and influencer marketers), there are plenty of apps out there that help to streamline the process of influencer marketing. From programs that help you edit and optimize photos for social media to others that let you measure and track social media posts, there are some great influencer apps on the market.

So How Does an Influencer Marketing Platform Work?

Give or take, influencer marketing platforms work something like this. Your brand signs up for an account on the platform. Your brand searches the platform’s database to find influencers with the right audience to promote a specific product or service. Your brand then selects a circle of influencers and submits a proposal. Below is an example of an influencer marketing platform, Upfluence.

upfluence influencer marketing platform interface

After this process has taken place, the influencer sees the proposal and decides whether or not they want to work with the brand. The influencer who accepts the proposal agrees to create promotional content for the brand. The influencer marketing platform itself supplies data to assist the brand and measure the impact of content created by the influencer.

Differences Between an Influencer Marketing Agency and a Platform

We just touched on what an influencer marketing platform is. So how does an influencer marketing agency vary from a platform?

An influencer marketing platform is a software tool designed to help you find the right influencers for your brand and/or market. They can help you manage influencer relations, measure the ROI of your campaigns, and many other useful functions. But there are many differences between working on your own (using an influencer marketing platform) and paying an agency to work for you.

Influencer Platforms can save you money, but certainly not time. Agencies can

There’s so much information out there that it influencer marketing is this plug-and-play partnership between a brand and an influencer. Companies that think they have identified what’s relevant for their brand think they can just jump on an influencer platform and sail off into the sunset of conversion-rich campaigns and abundant ROI.

young woman taking phone call smiling at desk

While it's true that most software tools are not as costly as hiring an agency to run your campaigns, they take up time. The time you could invest in other tasks. Or the time you simply may not have, which could be the reason you have been hesitant to invest in influencer marketing in the first place.

Influencer platforms are best suited for smaller Campaigns

Unlike agencies, most platforms aren’t able to quantify the engagement level of an influencer (that said, some platforms like Mention, will score social media users based on their influence). Influencer marketing platforms are best suited for smaller or one-off influencer campaigns.

Influencer platforms work best for smaller campaigns, typically those that do not involve strict regulations 0r guidelines, consistent brand messaging, or a very high level of engagement from their mobile marketing.

Influencer platforms require a higher level of brand involvement

Influencer marketing platforms require a much higher level of brand involvement than agencies. It's true that platforms provide tools and software that can help you plan and manage campaigns and measure results. But the tasks themselves still need to be done by the brand’s in-house marketing teams.

The Big Decision: Platform or Agency?


chief marketer top 200 agencies of 2019

Whether you choose an influencer marketing agency or a platform depends mostly on what you’re trying to achieve, and the means you have to do so. Many startups and small businesses simply don't have the large scale budgets to contract the services of an influencer marketing agency. Or so they think they don't. Get in touch with an agency like Viral Nation today, and find out just how much more ideal it is to leave the platforms to the developers, and work with an award-winning agency.


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