TikTok seems to be sparking a lot of inspiration in other platforms to provide vertical scrolling content. Pinterest is now testing its new “Watch” mode for Pin discovery, with the option to toggle between “browse” or “watch” on a full screen.

“Browse” offers the default showcase of tiles on which Pinterest users are already familiar, but with the growing popularity of full-screen, vertical content, it will be interesting to see if users prefer the “watch” option as it rolls out to larger audiences. Although this feature may cater to what users want, there is always a tightrope walk when it comes to imitation and authenticity. 


Being Cautious About One-Size-Fits-All Features

There have been many instances of social platforms pulling from each others’ new features within the last six months, so Pinterest’s rollout of the “watch” option is not a surprise. In response to Social Media Today’s request for comment, Pinterest explained that they are testing new UX features to increase user engagement. 

We are always testing new products and features to help our community of Pinners discover inspiring ideas, while creators and brands develop more ways to reach a global audience that intends to try new things,” they said. They did not provide specifics about who is testing and when it will be available to more users. 

It seems that Pinterest is not only trying to satisfy the “old-school” Pinners who like the platform the way it is, but also trying to provide new features that may attract a wider, global audience and cast a net to a larger set of demographics. 

Considering that Pinterest is a predominantly visual app, it is logical to provide full-screen options. As TikTok leads the way in what users find appealing for visual media, Pinterest is taking advantage of such a feature to see if it can support a similar option. 

But as we have seen with LinkedIn’s attempt at Stories and Twitter Fleets, new features that attempt similar features from other platforms don’t always work out as expected. Whether Pinterest adapts the feature to fit its predominant audience best while also satisfying new user demands remains to be seen. Pinterest has been pretty consistent with their platform, and a little bit of change could fare well–or it could also fall flat. 

Since they are staying quiet about the process, it seems Pinterest is being cautious as they test.  


In Closing

Will the new “watch” feature help users discover more content via Pins and strengthen the platform’s development? Can it provide new features that appeal to a broader demographic? Their new platform approach attempts to provide more for many, and compared to other platforms, Pinterest is prime for such a feature. The marketing and influencer world is watching and waiting to jump in and try it out when it’s available.

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