LinkedIn continues its relentless push for feature expansion within their social platform. And the past few days brings even more news about new features. The latest? The ability for members to share their current location with others. Chris Szeto, Senior Director of Product for Messenger and Groups at Linkedin, stated that the feature is meant to help members “easily coordinate a meeting spot.” He pointed to the feature’s ability to “coordinate a place to meet is key to connecting offline” he explains.

So how does it work? This feature will allow members to send their current location, or search for and send a specific meeting spot through LinkedIn Messaging. If this all seems a little invasive to your privacy, rest assured in the fact you can only send your “one-time” location. And only to 1st-degree connections directly. Also, according to a LinkedIn Help article about the feature, it’s important to note that “LinkedIn won’t track your location after you send the message to your connection. The one-time location will be saved in the message to your connection, but LinkedIn won’t otherwise collect or store any location data.”

LinkedIn Continues Advancing

It would appear LinkedIn is taking note of the features its users are asking for. Szeto explains that LinkedIn built this feature as a result of feedback from users who said the “feature would make it easier to coordinate meetings” and effectively eliminating the need to switch to different apps “just to send a proposed spot to meet.” It should also be noted that, as touched upon earlier, LinkedIn won’t track your location after you send the message to your connection. So if you choose to send a single static location by typing in an address, LinkedIn won’t collect your current location. Users will also have the ability to disable location permissions for the LinkedIn app from your mobile device’s settings at any time. This is particularly appealing given the uneasiness social media participants sometimes feel in today’s not-so-private social landscape.

To use the feature, all you have to do is tap on the map pin icon within the message compose box in the iOS or Android LinkedIn app, and search for a meeting place. Then just send it to the connection of your choice.

There’s another useful function attached to this location-sharing feature. LinkedIn Messaging now also supports the ability to send attachments and voice messages directly from your device to 1st-degree connections, much in the way apps like Facebook does. Sending a location is only available from a mobile device, but the recipient of the location can view it on both desktop and mobile versions of LinkedIn.

It makes sense that LinkedIn is putting an emphasis on engagement through their Messenger app since more and more social conversations are taking place in private messages. With their market share seemingly growing with every passing day, the business-oriented social site wants to bring the conversations to their platform. Let’s see if this feature generates an increase in “let’s do coffee” type dialogue with prospective clients on Messenger.

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