LinkedIn has been steadily growing its presence in social media circles. With its unique business networking approach, LinkedIn is perfectly poised to capture a good share of the B2B marketing space here in 2021. LinkedIn’s marketing solutions module has also grown in robustness and delivers plenty of options for campaign managers. 

LinkedIn’s numbers are quite appealing. With over 740 million active users, four out of five are business decision-makers, making the platform a high ROI marketing channel. With ads having reached over 663 million users to date, LinkedIn also offers 3 times more conversions than other major ad platforms. Studies also show that LinkedIn’s traffic generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate, 277% more than the second most preferred B2B platform, Twitter. 

Over the past year, we’ve seen many marketers investing a larger share of their budgets on LinkedIn. Recognizing this, LinkedIn recently released a ‘Better LinkedIn Campaign Planning’ guide. This 38-page in-depth guide gives marketers the tools to create and build high-impact LinkedIn ad campaigns. This guide features all content formats available to campaign managers, including Single Image Ads, Carousel Ads, Video Ads, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, Text Ads, and Lead Gen Forms. 

We’ll look at the guide in detail here and delve into rebooting your LinkedIn Campaigns. Let’s get started!


Why Do We Need A Guide Like This?

LinkedIn Campaign manager has undergone some major changes in the past few months. There have been a host of new tools and features that have been added. With this pace of growth, campaign managers have a lot to catch up on. 

A casual search on LinkedIn will also display a thousand guides on ads. Many of them are great resources too, but the recommendations and technical specifications can be outdated. The Better LinkedIn Campaign Planning’ guide, being that it’s from LinkedIn itself, is certainly the most authentic tool you will find. It’s straight from the horse’s mouth.


What’s In The Guide?

The guide begins with the campaigns’ objective first, then delves deeper into the various campaign types available. Here are some of its highlights:

Campaign Objectives Detailed

Campaign objectives are explained in detail in the guide, discussing the various stages of the funnel it corresponds to. Campaign Objectives become the basis of segmenting the various ad types, too. 

As any result-oriented marketer ought to do, it’s a good idea to focus on objectives. LinkedIn offers 3 campaign objectives to choose from when creating a campaign – Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions. 

Key Metrics

The guide offers a bevy of content around the various key metrics you should consider for each campaign type. It tabulates the various ad formats with their objectives and the key indicators to focus on in each case.

These tables are quite detailed: they go substantially beyond the basic metrics. 

Ad Formats In Detail

A big chunk of the guide details different ad formats and what goes into each of them. 

You’ll familiarize yourself with each ad type, covering factors like dimension restrictions, design recommendations, and more. The tips and recommendations give campaign managers clear directions when creating an ad of any type on LinkedIn.  


These are perhaps the most powerful components of the guide. It gives you templates that you can use to plan out your campaigns on LinkedIn. You can use these to calendarize your campaign assets and collate all information related to them like name, headlines, URLs, and CTAs in one place. This also allows you to map out the campaign structure visually in any easy-to-digest manner.


Lastly, the guide contains an ample number of resources on each Ad format that will give users more in-depth information when creating or optimizing ads. There are quick links to best practices, troubleshooting guides, reporting, and more for each ad type. 

The guide has tons of information that can help you smooth out the process of running campaigns on LinkedIn. It may seem overwhelming at first, but once you figure out how to use the guide, you should be able to get the best out of it. 


How Can You Use This Guide?

The guide is of use in both creating and optimizing your campaigns on LinkedIn, where it can be utilized as a reference point that leads you through the process. When you are thinking about a campaign, it’s important to understand the campaign’s objectives first. The guide gives you a clear understanding of each of the objectives and what it stands for. 

Once you have the objectives in place, you plan out the ad type(s) you will use in the campaign. Refer to the guide to understand each ad type and how it works before choosing those that work best for you. If you have used ads in the past, the guide will give you an idea of what you are (or are not) doing optimally and can help you make the necessary changes. 

Creating content for each of the ads is the next step. Use the planning worksheets given in the guide to plan out your content across the different ad types. You can also refer to the best practices and design suggestions, as well as character limits to help you get things right. 

Once you have these in place, you can also create your reports by looking at the key metrics that need to be tracked for each campaign type. You can also use the sophisticated metrics given in the guide to add value to your report further. With all these tips and insights available, you’ll be all set to run efficient campaigns on LinkedIn!


Now’s The Best Time To Get Started

If you are mulling over restarting or even investing more in your LinkedIn campaigns, this is the right time to do it.

One year into the pandemic and with COVID vaccination drives in full throttle, we are slowly but steadily regaining some sense of normalcy. LinkedIn has timed the release of the guide exceptionally well. There are more marketers who are looking at LinkedIn as a marketing channel now than ever before, and overall social media usage numbers indicate a significant upward trend. 

At the same time, marketers are still working around several constraints, including budget cuts and other financial restrictions that are hampering their abilities at times. Unlike before, many firms simply cannot afford to sustain underperforming campaigns that are not producing optimal ROI, making campaign optimization a key factor more than ever before. 

This is where the guide and the worksheets really come in handy. Whether you are planning new campaigns or optimizing existing ones, there are enough resources, tips, and recommendations that you can use to run efficient campaigns. 


Final Thoughts

Here at Viral Nation, we love our guides: Actionable information that is accessible when you need it. The “Better Campaign Planning” guide is exactly that. It gives you all the information and tools you need to create and run your LinkedIn campaigns. Campaign managers face a lot of pressure to increase the ROI of campaigns, and the guide is of great use here.

The focus on metrics is another notable factor. LinkedIn has not always been an analytics-friendly platform, though things have changed greatly from the early days. The worksheets in the guide give you at-a-glance information regarding the key metrics that you need to be tracking for every campaign. 

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, businesses are hoping for a high-growth year, especially to make up the lost ground from 2020. Marketing has a major role to play in driving this growth, and LinkedIn as a platform ticks a lot of boxes for B2B marketers. It is all about strategizing and executing good campaigns that give you a good ROI. The “Better Campaign Planning” guide is LinkedIn’s way of saying we’ve got you. 

We only do marketing that works.

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