Starting September 30th, LinkedIn will eliminate its Stories feature roughly a year after it introduced it. LinkedIn is the latest social network to phase out its spin on a video feature popularized by Snapchat and then copied by Instagram. Snapchat and Instagram have thrived with the disappearing video format, while many others have fallen flat, proving that it is not a “one size fits all” feature. 

The reasons for some platforms’ successes and others’ failures could have something to do with how each platform positions itself. LinkedIn’s attempt at disappearing video stories wasn’t well-received by a majority of users. They explained in an August 31 Pulse article, “In any given month, we launch and test hundreds of new features, and you give us feedback. We introduced Stories last year as a fun and casual way to share quick video updates. We’ve learned a ton. Now, we’re taking those learnings to evolve the Stories format into a reimagined video experience across LinkedIn that’s even richer and more conversational.”

The spin on experimenting is smart, as LinkedIn admits the feature was not successful as it hoped it would be. They are looking to make it more successful in its next iteration. 


So What’s The Problem?

The problem turns out to be pretty simple. Users didn’t like that the stories disappeared.

“In developing Stories, we assumed people wouldn’t want informal videos attached to their profile, and that ephemerality would reduce barriers that people feel about posting,” LinkedIn said in their post. “Turns out, you want to create lasting videos that tell your professional story in a more personal way and that showcase both your personality and expertise.”

Another issue was that it required the user to set everything up in a drawn-out process. Users could not simply open their smartphones and use it. The clunky process was a big deterrent, and users felt limited in their creativity. 


What’s Their Solution?

Instead of simply making stories last forever, LinkedIn is removing the feature entirely and working on something entirely new that adheres closer to user feedback and preferences. 

They explain that when video options return, they will provide more creative tools to make engaging videos. 

LinkedIn said about user feedback, “With Stories, members could use Stickers and ‘The Question of the Day’ prompts to make videos more creative and engaging. But you want even more ways to spruce up those videos in a professional context, and you want to do so across LinkedIn.”

Although there was no timeline offered for when the new video feature will be introduced, they did hint at improved features that “evolve the Stories format into a reimagined video experience across LinkedIn that’s even richer and more conversational.” 

The announcement explained that they wanted to embrace Stories’s mixed media and creative tools in a more consistent way across the platform while working to integrate it more tightly with users’ professional identity.


In Closing

In the process of creating a better video experience option, LinkedIn will start by removing the current stories experience. During this downtime, users won’t be able to create stories for pages, and ads that ran in between Stories will instead be shared to the main LinkedIn feed.

Any stories promoted directly from a page in Campaign Manager will not appear in the LinkedIn feed and will need to be recreated as an image or video ad. 

As LinkedIn builds a new video experience, other platforms can use their example as a cautionary tale for imitation without more user feedback.

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