Clubhouse has taken social media by storm. It is a platform where users can host live, audio-only chat rooms and have real-time conversations with select members on various topics. Unlike other social media platforms, Clubhouse is an invite-only platform, with “rooms” that are streamed through a convenient yet intuitive interface, where any subject is fair game for real-time discussion — from current events and sports to politics and celebrity gossip. Despite the fact that this platform has no existing monetization system in place, it has gained rave reviews and glowing media attention due to its unique services. 

With a market value of over $1 billion dollars, the potential of this application is limitless. In just one short year, the number of users grew from a modest 1500, to now over 10 million. Although the app is available for iOS users only, Android users should have no fear. They will be able to access the app soon, with Clubhouse announcing plans to expand the app to Google Play Store. 


How Did Clubhouse Become So Popular?

The sense of exclusivity that Clubhouse offers is arguably one of its core appeals. Clubhouse invitations were even being sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars in some instances. Being an invite-only application, this approach offers a level of instant intrigue and status that many social networks often must build over time. 

As more app users publicly speak about Clubhouse and its features, the more those that currently don’t have access want in. Right now, the user base grows by allowing every new app user to invite up to two additional people, and these users gain more invite tokens as they continue to use the platform over time.

Like many other members-only clubs, this exclusivity element gives Clubhouse users a sense of being part of something great, which in turn enhances the feeling of belonging to a community with close-knit ties. 


What’s The Benefit For Brands Of Becoming An Early Adopter?

Clubhouse is an app that enables users to listen to anyone on the platform, particularly industry experts, talk about a diverse range of topics — all while engaging in real-time. The app has chat rooms, which people join based on their interests. If users like what they hear, they can participate in the chat room by raising their virtual hand (unless the host has allowed only selected members to speak). This is an excellent opportunity for brands to track their target audience’s interests and analyze their conversations to gauge the level of engagement and discover potential issues.

By becoming an early adopter of Clubhouse, brands can take a giant leap ahead of their competitors at be at the forefront of this emerging market. Already we can see that many influential personalities and entrepreneurs have registered as users on this platform. And due to the limited number of users, it’s much easier to reach out to these power profiles and build relationships — starting a conversation with influencers is much simpler now than it will be once each of them has tens of thousands of followers on the platform. It’s an excellent opportunity for companies to partner up with these influencers and content creators for hosting talk shows on topics related to their industry that interests their target audience. 

A few brands have already started to use this strategy to fulfill their marketing objectives. For example, in February during Black history month, Pernod Ricard, an alcoholic beverage company, joined forces with Karen Civil, an online marketing strategist, to commemorate Black female thought leaders and businesswomen’s hard work and efforts in the industry. It was a smart, opportunistic move to tap into the cultural moment and create a marketing campaign that provides additional awareness.


How Can Brands Leverage The Power Of Real-Time Conversations?

When marketers and companies can listen to and talk with their target audience in real-time, free of communication barriers, they don’t have to guess or rely on third-party data to figure out what is on their customers’ minds. Instead, they can effectively engage with their audience at that very moment and respond to their questions with kindness and brevity. This not only provides a direct lens into the wants and needs of your consumers, but it also shows them you care and want to make them feel valued. 

Clubhouse also offers users the ability to create private rooms, where brands can have more in-depth conversations with a select group of people. Private rooms are great for building relationships with the most important communities to their brand — whether it be retail partners, distributors, ambassadors, influencers, or everything in between. These private rooms can offer exclusive access to information, and it’s undoubtedly a more effective way to grow a network than sending cold friend requests accompanied by meaningless short messages, as is commonplace on other social media sites. 

The real-time voice chat allows businesses to communicate with other members the same way they’d do in person. This helps to establish a more personal connection with their customers, making them feel more comfortable and at ease. Clubhouse is also an excellent platform for instant feedback. Whenever brands want to talk about a new product launch, changes in company goals, or learn how to improve their current strategy, all they need to do is open the app and let their voice be heard — there’s no quicker way to gather insights from around the world. 


A Better Understanding Of Consumers By Utilizing Real-Time Social Listening

Many Clubhouse users have found that simply listening to the conversations on the platform is both exciting and valuable. These discussions are as authentic as it gets as there are no biases or distractions like what the other person is wearing, where they are sitting, or how the message is written. The focus is only on the core of the messages being communicated, which helps reduce misinterpretation and prompts more effective communication. It’s the purest form of interaction, which makes it so helpful in gaining quality market insights. 

Additionally, Clubhouse is packed with people from different backgrounds, including celebrities, influencers, content creators, and entrepreneurs. It’s an excellent place to share ideas, ask for advice, and learn from other members who are in your exact situation and can relate to your struggles or ambitions. For example, Clubhouse is used every day by venture capitalists, who listen in on the diverse conversations on the platform and benefit from the fresh ideas that are bound to arise. As a result, they come up with highly effective strategies that are often difficult to develop without insider information. 

The best part is that all of these conversations are only available in real-time and cannot be saved or shared with others. Thus, if you come across a unique idea or a valuable insight, you can be sure that it won’t become common knowledge any time soon and can be very useful for strategy building. After acquiring followers on the platform, brands can begin hosting chat rooms centered around their products and services. This will allow their audience to talk directly to the company in these rooms, further shaping the brand and customer experience through organic, hands-on communication. 


Growing Your Network & Acquiring Leads Through Clubhouse

Several brands have already jumped in headfirst and are actively using Clubhouse for networking. Experts believe that it is easy to grow your network here, as almost all app users are open to sharing their other social media accounts handles with the exclusive Clubhouse members they connect with. This is an excellent opportunity for brands to reach their potential customers and partners across all social networks. The response rate is very high as well in comparison to cold emails and messages. Companies are more likely to turn these new connections into quality leads or partners.  

Companies that practice word of mouth marketing are leveraging the most powerful ideas of our generation. Since brands can host or sponsor chat rooms to share their story and value proposition in real-time, it makes it a solid platform for generating unique ideas and acquiring leads through referrals. Referrals are one of the most effective yet underutilized marketing tactics in today’s age, and according to various statistics, more than 80% of customers make their purchase decisions based on their network recommendations. Also, leads that come through referrals have a much higher conversion rate and often present more long-term customer retention as well. 

The opportunity for lead generation is vast on Clubhouse, and it’s something that the platform is quickly becoming known for. For example, the ex-CEO of Focus Brands, Kate Cole, hosts weekly chat rooms, where she collects customers’ information in a natural way. She incentivizes participation by offering freebies. This was an effective approach that enabled the company to gain popularity on the platform quickly and went viral. 


Final Thoughts

Just as it is in person, when a group of people is in an informal setting, they feel more inclined to share their true thoughts and feelings. Chat rooms in Clubhouse produce this same effect — they free users from the constraints of professionalism and let them talk to others less formally and more authentically. People can speak their minds, bounce ideas off of one another, or just hang out and absorb knowledge and insights. This is a great source of information for brands because it provides them with a look into what their target audience really wants. 

Clubhouse is a collaborative creative space that allows everyone from big brands to startups to work together. It’s an excellent place for businesses to get their ideas out in front of a community of like-minded individuals and get feedback on their ideas from people who can help them take their business to the next level.

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