The moment that seemed to be an inevitability of sorts has finally arrived. Instagram is launching a Shopping channel in the Explore tab that will offer a personalized selection of goods for its users. The days of being limited to scrolling through your feed in hopes of stumbling upon a shoppable item will soon be a thing of the past. And the news of this roll-out has the online community buzzing. The channel is currently rolling out gradually. It’s reported that it will be available worldwide sometime in the “coming weeks.” As of the time of this article composition, I have personally yet to see the new feature populate within my Explore tab.

instagram shopping

Consumers can tap on the channel (which will appear at the top of the Explore page, as seen above) and see shopping posts from brands they already follow and ones the algorithm thinks they will like as well. The update comes as no surprise. Instagram recently announced that more than 90 million users click on shopping posts to view the product tags.

instagram clickable shopping links in stories

Expect to see more shoppable ‘Stories’ as well

The shopping feature within Stories is deploying around the globe and should be available to businesses in 46 countries in the coming weeks. Typically, you have to follow brands on Instagram to view this shoppable media. But that hasn’t proven to be an obstacle for brands up to this point. Approximately one-third of the most popular stories on Instagram come from companies. And it may not be far-fetched to predict that number could grow in the coming months as the feature becomes more available globally.


“Usage of Stories presents a brand new opportunity for merchants to get their products and brands in front of fans in addition to the regular feed. With [a] new presence in Explore, they can also reach a broad new audience of potential fans who are highly likely to want to engage with their content, but who don’t yet actively follow them. It’s a whole new chance for discovery.”

-Satish Kanwar, VP of Product at Shopify


Salesforce, the cloud computing powerhouse, predicted Instagram referral traffic to retail sites will climb 51 percent year over year this holiday season. With Instagram’s continued focus on feature roll-outs like these, it seems to be a more achievable figure with each passing day. We will stay updated on this new feature and continue to report on its success and functionality. Stay tuned! You can see the official video release of Shopping from Instagram below.


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