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Influencer marketing is a highly effective way of getting your organization’s name out. Influencers tend to have devoted fan bases with very specific interests. This means you can easily focus on reaching a small group of people who will then regularly communicate with a far wider target audience. It creates an excellent opportunity to generate trust with your content marketing, as an outside voice is telling people what your company can accomplish or offer, and in a language that makes sense to that group.

Influencers can be effective spokespeople for your business and a great way to reach a target audience, improve brand awareness, and achieve astounding ROI from your brand marketing efforts.

Here are 12 reasons why you should design an influencer marketing strategy for your business.

1. Influencer Engagement Attracts Better Customers Through Influencer Marketing

It’s a common belief in marketing circles that influencer marketing not only produces increased visibility to your target audience on social media – it also attracts higher-quality customers to their business. The reason this is likely the case is that social media users tend to be more affluent on social media, making them more authentic and trustworthy to recommend products to their followers. And being that the audience of an influencer is, in most cases, far more engaged with an influencer than they are with a brand directly, this engagement is likely to produce a more trusting and enthusiastic potential customer for your brand.

2. Influencer Engagement Improves your Brand’s SEO

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The SEO game is not for the faint of heart. With the unfathomable volume of content that resides online, it can feel daunting to undergo the task of trying to get your brand to rank for certain keywords. But this is where influencer engagement can help! The content that influencers create gives you a lot of mentions online, and these mentions usually include a link back to your website. And anyone who has even dabbled into the SEO world knows quality backlinks can substantially improve your rankings on Google search results. Additionally, these links also help your website perform better in organic search, which means you will see an increase in site traffic from more organic visitors. With that said, you do need to be careful with mentions though. Not all mentions will be relevant to your brand necessarily, and not all mentions are right for your brand. So make sure your mentions are relevant to your brand, and that they align with your brand voice as well.

3. Influencers highly increase your chances of going viral

Though it’s in our name, we understand that going viral isn’t something that happens every day. However, the chances of actually doing so with the help of influencer-generated content are much higher than it would be without. Influencers have often already ‘gone viral’ to some extent, likely a substantial factor in how they grew and nurtured their audience. So they can connect with their following in a way that can be highly-relatable and shareable. As a result, creating a viral video can flood your website with visitor traffic and potentially increase your customer base as well. The best part? At the bare minimum, going viral increases your visibility in a major way. Which leads us to our next reason…

4. Influencers tend to think outside the box

One of the key components of attracting attention in today’s oversaturated marketplace is an often frowned-upon word in the marketing world.


Influencers understand this intuitively, working every day to communicate with their audience in unique and creative ways. Influencers create breakthrough content through the use of clever messaging that produces engagement, and typically also entertains their audience. This gives your brand the ability to leverage this way of thinking and communicating with your target audience through a vehicle (the influencer) that can deliver a unique message to your potential customers.

5. Influencers can promote your brand without having to ‘sell’ it

In general, influencers talk about themselves in their content, captioning their lives in real-time and immersing their followers into both their surroundings and their ideas. They don’t have to ‘sell’ a brand directly when promoting. Their content, therefore, is more organic and can insert your brand into the conversation. And this can do done in a way where consumers are unaware of the fact that something is being sold to them on a subconscious level. This is sales at it’s finest.

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Think about it like this: Consumers get bombarded with hundreds of pieces of promotional content every single day. Eventually, they begin to ignore these ads and develop a strong form of banner blindness. On the other hand, influencer content typically entertains consumers, solves a problem, or addresses a need for c0nsumers. When influencers create content of this nature that includes your products or services, it makes the content relevant as well as believable in its context.

6. Influencer engagement boosts your authority in your industry

If your brand is looking to become a thought leader in your industry (and really, who isn’t?), you can make this a reality with the help of influencers. In most cases, influencers are seen as are experts in certain niches. It’s likely the reason they have amassed such sizable followings. Your marketing team can look for an influencer who is an expert in your domain.

If you can partner with this influencer expert and have them create content involving your brand, it’s instant validation and social currency. And it helps your business gain more authority at scale.

7. Influencer Engagement Can Be A Tool To Learn About Your Customers 

Every brand tells its own story, and so does every influencer. So when a brand leverages the services of an influencer, they get to hear their story be delivered to their target audience in a new way, through the eyes of the influencer themselves. Brands who take the time to listen carefully to the message and assess the content know that it will teach them a tremendous amount about their customers. This influencer perspective, combined with the reactions of customers, can be a powerful asset for feedback and information on your customer persona.

8. Influencers help boost and maintain your brand’s reputation

Regardless of how strong your brand is, there is likely going to be a time where you need to reinforce your brand’s reputation in the social realm. And influencer-generated content can help immensely when you have to deal with any negative publicity surrounding your brand. Though the process can at times be lengthy, with constant strategic effort and an influencer with strong engagement rates, you can change the negative sentiment of your brand into a positive one with the right content.

9. Influencers are ideal long-term brand advocates

Partnering with influencers for one-off campaigns is great when it comes to raising brand awareness and building a buzz. But it’s when influencers become long-term brand advocates that you truly begin to see the value in the relationship.


Regardless of what industry you operate in, utilizing influencers can help you meet and exceed your marketing goals in a more impactful and authentic way. This is where the services of an influencer marketing agency can produce maximum ROI with your digital marketing efforts. Their expertise in knowing how to find influencers in your industry is second to none.

10. Influencer Engagement Substantially Boosts Your Social Media ROI

The social media landscape is constantly changing, and the marketing tactics that produce results are constantly changing as well. What that means for influencers is, engagement rates are more important than ever when it comes to growing and maintaining relevancy on social media. Engagement provides proof of tried and true content that creates true influence amongst their followers. Therefore, influencer content brings a better conversion rate compared to your other types of marketing.

11. Influencers assist your business in earning consumer loyalty and trust

Looking to establish trust and loyalty with your customer base? Well of course you are. Luckily for you, influencers can play a big part in this process. They have already done the work of acquiring trust and loyalty from their followers. So when an influencer endorses you on social media, consumers begin to associate an influencer’s trustworthiness with your brand. This is why influencers can transform potential customers into brand-loyal consumers, as long as you deliver the quality you promise.

12. Word of mouth advertising is still the most effective form of advertising there is

At the end of the day, the old marketing adage still rings true. Word-of-mouth marketing is still the most tried and true method today. And it’s no secret that people trust the opinions of their friends and family far more than suggestions from brands.  Which is where one of the biggest advantages of influencers lies; the trust influencers have developed with their audience can deeply impact their buying decisions. Plain and simple. Their ability to sell your product without even having to ‘hard sell’ it establishes instant credibility with your target consumer and inserts you into conversations around your industry or vertical.


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