As the habits and tendencies of society continue to change over time, your business strategy should adapt accordingly. The old mantra ‘adapt or die’ is truer than ever, and it’s the only way to stay on top of your game. Influencer marketing is one form of marketing that’s become increasingly popular over the past few years.

While collaborating with influencers can definitely help your brand, you must have a good influencer engagement strategy in place if you wish to achieve the amazing results that you may have heard about. Here are twelve reasons why you should design an influencer marketing strategy for your business.

1. Influencer’s don’t just sell, tell also tell a story

Social media is saturated with mediocre brand messaging that forgets social networks are supposed to be visual inspiration platforms. Brand’s should captivate audiences through images and video, not just simply preach marketing savvy and spew buzzwords at them.

This is where influencers shine brightest. They increase engagement rates because they aren’t marketers, but instead are storytellers, offering ‘micro-stories’ via captions, videos, Instagram Stories, and their unique profile.

woman filming herself to create social media content

2. Influencer Campaigns allow you to Proactively Measure Your Impact

Measurement is more than just looking back at the numbers at the conclusion of a campaign. It’s a constant, multifaceted evaluation process. Establishing your baseline across brand values, influencer campaigns can help prove that your program is working with robust data that you can tie into your KPIs.

Marketers should constantly evaluate data about the sentiment and tone toward your brand, your products and services, and your industry and competitors. Analyze how that tone coincides with your goals and corporate values. Evaluate whether the frequency of coverage about your brand and is increasing or decreasing. This is all something you have the luxury of doing in real-time when you engage in influencer marketing.

3. Influencer programs boost your brand awareness

For a young company or startup, being recognized in the market is a key element to success. So one of the most important steps a brand can take is to determine what ways influencer marketing can contribute to your brand recognition. During this stage, you should assess the number of people who viewed, downloaded or rated the piece of content you published through an influencer. This way, you are able to directly correlate detailed data points that represent if you are building brand awareness from your influencer marketing efforts, and to what degree.

sales funnel graphic that outlines awareness, consideration, and conversion

4. Influencers help convert people into valuable leads

Integrating influencer marketing into your brand’s content marketing strategy is all about lead generation and nurturing if you go about it the right way. For this reason, you should both determine and observe what methods influencers use in their content to generate these valuable leads, and how this helped move a lead closer to a sale for your brand.

5. Influencers help with customer retention

Hiring influencers to promote your products on social media is a very effective method for customer retention. The way an influencer spreads positive sentiment around your product or service helps to shape your brand’s image and show consumers that important people are interested. If your content is convincing enough and your influencer marketing strategy is potent, it will help in keeping your customers both loyal and satisfied.

group of friends viewing media on their smartphones

6. Influencers Provide Value and Visibility Through Brand Mentions

Traditional advertising methods are all but dead in the digital realm. Nowadays, people trust peer recommendations much more than the recommendation or the ‘sell’ of any company advertisement. Working with social media influencers is another step toward humanizing your brand.

When you partner with social media influencers who have engaged, loyal audiences, a brand mention goes much further than a post on social media from your company account does. Followers trust the recommendations and opinions of influencer’s, which is why they follow them in the first place. Having your brand be a part of their conversations, and being mentioned with a positive sentiment can bring some instant trust and credibility to your brand.

7. Influencer Takeovers Bring Relevancy To Your Brand’s Social Media

Social media ‘takeovers’ are all the rage right now, and for good reason. For those unfamiliar with what a social media takeover is, it’s when brands agree to hand over their social media accounts to influencers to post on company’s behalf for a specific period of time (often 24 hours). This strategy leads to even greater brand promotion and customer engagement than your brand receives organically.

8. Social Media traffic that’s boosted through Influencer Efforts can increase website traffic

Social media traffic can help boost visits to your website, with many of the top platforms allowing for a single clickable link in your page bio. If you have partnered with an influencer, work with them to promote your URL in their own content as well. Combining strong CTA’s with your URL in a text overlay on any images or videos is also a best practice when looking to generate both traffic and potential conversions as you move viewers down the sales funnel.

graphic of man speaking to friends through bullhorn and thought bubbles of their social media interactions

9. Influencer Marketing Can Convert Instagram followers into email subscribers

Even though we live in the age of visual media, it’s still email that remains the tried-and-true channel for building deep and personal customer relations. It’s why brands strive to convert social media followers into email subscribers. Here are three established steps designed to create effective social media marketing for email.

1) Create a clickable incentive in your posts tailored to your target audiences, such as prize offerings, free content, or discount codes.

2) Once a user clicks through, ensure the landing page features a strong CTA linked to an email submission form.

3) Create a mailing list to effectively integrate your new email subscribers so you can begin to develop more meaningful relationships with them.

10. Influencers can act as their own ‘call to action’

If your one of the brands lucky enough to already have a strong social presence, you can still benefit greatly from influencer marketing. While your followers may already love your social ads, be sure that all that positive sentiment is actually leading somewhere by using a powerful CTA (you may notice a recurring theme here with powerful CTA’s…)

These CTA’s often appear below a social post and are ideal for delivering short, direct CTAs such as ‘Learn More’ and ‘Call Now’. And while these actions do historically lend to increasing conversions, there’s no replicated the direct call-to-action that can be produced through influencer content. Their followers are devout, highly-engaged fans who hang on every word and action an influencer takes. If those words happen to be a call-to-action for your brand’s product or service, your conversion rates skyrocket in comparison to traditional efforts.

11. Influencers make your social media branding matter

Bringing your brand to life on social media is the aim of most any digital marketer. So a mix of clarity, creativity, and consistency are paramount for companies looking to build brand awareness on social. An aimless, unspecific approach will not work. You should also be interacting regularly with your followers to build up engagement and loyalty.

This is another area where influencers shine. They already have established, engaged audiences who have grown accustomed to seeing and interacting with them consistently. So weaving a brand message into those interactions through influencer marketing can build your brand awareness in ways your brand cannot do through solely its own organic reach.

12. What strategies does an influencer use to engage your audience?

An often overlooked benefit of influencer marketing is the ability to analyze the strategies they use for branding and engagement. What techniques does an influencer use in order to make your content more clickable and shareable? Successful campaigns can not only bring dollars to your business but also incredibly valuable data and experience to apply towards your overall branding efforts.


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