Pinterest accounts for 25% of retail referral traffic, and it drives about four times more revenue per click than platforms like Twitter. Pinterest has emerged as a powerful tool for advertisers as it is a community that is already engaged and has come to the platform to find something specific. Let’s start growing your brand on Pinterest. Here are some of the ideas that may work for your brand.


Constant Pins

Consistency is the key to success with social media strategies. It is essential to keep your audience engaged with the content you produce. Timing is a critical factor for the local audience, but we want to reach a wider global audience. It is better to spread the pins across a 24-hour period to capture people from all time zones, which exposes your pin to a broader audience and often leads to better visibility. The higher the frequency of your pins, the better chances you have of enhanced reach and visibility by your audience. However, it is vital to maintain consistency in whatever you do. If you are a small company with not too many resources, then pick up a smaller number of pins for daily posting but stick to that number at the start and grow it intermittently. 


Quality Over Quantity

We have all heard this time and time again – quality wins over quantity when it comes to social media or outreach. requested a start-up to find out what makes for the most popular picture on Pinterest. The result will surely surprise you. Here are some of the features of a perfect Pinterest Image, and their winning characteristics are as follows: 

    1. The subject should not be human
    2. The background shouldn’t be too flashy
    3. The usage of multiple colors appeals more to users
    4. The color red is important for the picture
    5. It should be well lit, and colors should be natural
    6. Portrait style images work better for Pinterest

It is almost impossible to create the perfect Pinterest image. But if you manage to include most of the mentioned characteristics, you will reach somewhere near perfect – and maybe even create the most viral image on the platform! 


Keyword Is King

Pinterest is not like Twitter and Facebook, which work like the daily newspaper. Pinterest is more like a magazine or a coffee table book you flip through in your free time. Therefore, it is essential to use relevant keywords for your pins and boards because that is how your audience will discover you. Your content on Pinterest is evergreen. Make sure that the pins and the descriptions both are keyword-rich and specific. It is crucial to optimize your pins. There is no need to overthink this too much. Use simple keywords that more people are likely to search for, rather than difficult or complex words. Certain factors determine if your pin will reach the top or not. These factors are:

    1. Quality of your pin: High-quality images with substance gain better traction and traffic. New brands need to build a strong brand image in the user’s mind to be seen as legit and as a leader in their chosen field. 
    2. Quality of your source: Cross-posting on Pinterest helps because you can source better images than the ones you have on your website. If you are still new to the business and the platform, it will work wonders on building a better brand. 
    3. Rating Matters: Pinterest’s algorithm promotes images that are high quality and clear, and relevant. Pictures with no text, border, or minimal text have proved to gain better traction on the platform. Pinterest also promotes your pins if they have a good description. Organized pinboards also help you optimize your pins and reach out to users to keep them engaged. It also enables users to narrow down their search according to their interests, which provides another layer of increased visibility. 


Different Pin Formats

The new and updated Pinterest allows you to reach out to a wider audience by providing them with the kind of content they would want to see. This includes pictures, videos, GIFs, and much more. If you want to promote your art and craft business, put out videos while creating some installation of that lamp project your started, and people are more likely to stay on your page or buy from you after looking at the process.

It is a perfect platform for people who want to showcase their collection or portfolio too. It is a fantastic platform for designers, artists, photographers, and anyone who wants to showcase their visual art to the world and sell as well, all on the same platform. 


Is That Your Website?

It is important to own a website and then link it to our profile as a first step to build trust among your users and new audience. Your profile picture will appear on the pins that people save from your website, and Pinterest Analytics allows you to check web analytics.  


Rich Pins For A Richer Audience Base

Rich pins are simply a fantastic Pinterest feature for tagging your website to the pins. This feature allows metadata to be collected from the website, and Pinterest updates by itself if you update the metadata. Here are some of the uses of rich pins:

    1. App Pins: These are pins that link to your app, and the users can download your app from this link without leaving Pinterest. Currently, this feature is only compatible with iOS, but Android support will soon be in the market and will cover a broader range of audiences. 
    2. Movie Pins: This is a great way to promote a new film, documentary, or series you are working on. It’s a powerful asset in helping pinners know about new projects in the pipeline.
    3. Recipe Pins: Serving info, recipe, and cooking time. These snackable posts are perfect for reaching your audience and gaining traction. 
    4. Article Pins, Product Pins, and Place Pins: These are the three other types of rich pins available, which you can use to tag the relevant pins as the names suggest. There should be a special mention for the place pin as it allows people to find your address and phone number if you permit and get in touch with you directly. 


Optimize Your Website For Pinterest

As you grow your brand and business on Pinterest, optimizing your website for the platform is essential. Use handy follow and pin widgets on your website for better user engagement. Another tip for generating better user engagement is by embedding individual pins into blog posts which generate improved traction for each and every post. Sometimes, it works better for the brand if you target specific pins rather than the entire website for promotion. 


Community Building

Like any other social media platform, the growth of your brand on Pinterest is proportional to the effort you put in towards becoming a part of the community. Therefore, it’s a good idea to follow boards and profiles similar to yours while fostering a relationship with the people behind them. There are Group Boards as well, which are run by a single admin but allow pins from multiple contributors on a subject. This feature allows you to reach an audience who might be interested in your product and service but might not have heard about you before. Take the time to go through other pins and boards and repin the ones you like. This will make most pages and profiles reciprocate and hence make you reach a wider audience. 

If you are on social media with the mindset of being social and relevant, little hinders you from being a successful brand on Pinterest. Some high-quality content and an understanding of your audience will take you to the heights of success. Good Luck!

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