It’s 2020, and we live in a time where showcasing your talents has become apropos. Everyday people have become more empowered to put their talents on display in everything from acting, painting, music, makeup, dancing, and beyond. You name it, and there’s somebody out there who’s probably really good at it and is creating videos of themselves to post online. And when it comes to the best social media platforms to showcase these talents on, one has quickly emerged as the favorite of the masses.


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The hottest newcomer to the circle of social media platforms, TikTok is a place where users share their content with trendy filters, hilarious overdubbing, and creative editing. It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 5o, age is irrelevant when it comes to the appeal of TikTok. The platform gives you a chance to showcase your talent to the world, regardless of age, race, or creed.

TikTok has given countless creators the chance to turn their hobbies into their passions. For some, they have even been able to transform their passion into their profession. There’s an endless stream of online creators devoting their life to becoming an influencer.

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However, becoming TikTok famous isn’t exactly something people have figured out quite yet. There is no specific formula for turning an ambitious social climber into a bonafide influencer. Sure, there may be the exception to the rules, like the members of the Team 10 house in LA where A-list creators are pumping out content every day. But that’s not necessarily relevant to the more casual creator who still has ambitions of achieving social fame. We live in a social media landscape where almost anyone can become ‘internet famous’, but it’s not exactly as easy as it sounds.

So how do you become TikTok famous in 2020?

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How To Get Famous on TikTok

As we mentioned above, there is no ‘secret’ formula for achieving fame on TikTok. However, there are some tactics you can employ that will greatly enhance your abilities to grow your profile on the platform.

Become a TikTok Enthusiast

To truly become a TikTok savant, you must first become an enthusiast. Learn about all the hot topics and happenings on the platform by observing what other creators are posting and discussing on the platform. Actively engage with users and the content they post. Contrary to popular belief (or, more accurately, popular practice), social platforms are not just about self-promotion and focusing solely on your own posts or videos.

Nowadays, it’s imperative to involve others in your brand building. Commenting on other’s video posts is a great way to stimulate engagement and breed interactions with both fans and creators on TikTok. This allows you to shine a spotlight on your account and grow a strong network.

Collaborate with Other Creators

As is often the case with other social platforms, collaborating with other creators is a great way to build your audience. Working together with another creator on content that caters to the same (or similar) audience can help multiply the likes and fans of all parties involved. TikTok creators who are already popular may not necessarily be willing to collaborate with you at first. But working with other ambitious beginners can also be fruitful.

We discussed collaborating on TikTok in a recent LinkedIn Live with TikTok star Jayde Vincent. Check it out below!

See What Popular Creators are Doing

Part of the appeal that has contributed to the rapid rise of TikTok is that it’s more unconventional than other platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. It’s a place where you are encouraged to do quirky, off-the-wall things by people who are looking for the same thing. Browse the feeds of the most popular creators and get acquainted with their content and styles. It can provide you a great perspective of what it takes to become popular on the platform, and the types of videos that people are connecting with.

Be Creative With Your Content

The key to developing a following on any social site is to find your niche and be creative. Try to bring something new to the table. Or do something that other people are perhaps already doing, but put your own unique spin on it.

This is possibly the most underrated element of getting more fans. When it comes to taking a unique approach to TikTok, Maayan Gordon is a shining example. We had a chance to sit down with the rising star during a recent LinkedIn Live do discuss the growth of the platform. Check it out below!

Create an Effective Content Cadence

Similar to many other social platforms, TikTok is not just about the quality of your content, it’s also about the quantity. It’s important to post regularly on TikTok if you wish to grow your following. We think posting at least one video per day is a great starting cadence for creators. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to force yourself into a monotonous, repetitive approach. Focus on keeping it fun and brief, yet entertaining.

global best times to post on tiktok graph

When building your brand on TikTok, try to think of your channel like a TV show. People like to know when their favorite show is airing. They wait all day/week for a new episode to release. So try and create a cadence that gives your followers what they want; a daily dose of your content.

Utilize Hashtags in Your Tiktok Video

Hashtags have become engrained into social media culture, and TikTok is no different when it comes to everyone’s favorite selfie symbol. Utilizing hashtags is still a valuable tool on all social apps, including TikTok. Research the hashtags that are closely related to the topic your video or channel is going t0 occupy. While it’s not always best practice to oversaturate your posts with endless hashtags, the culture of TikTok is both accepting and engaging in this practice. So add as many of them as you feel necessary, even perhaps some emojis and humorous one-liners. It’s all about making your profile stand out.

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