The benefits of influencer marketing are vast, particularly as it pertains to generating brand awareness. A brand’s ROI can increase by 11% when partnering with social media influencers, and businesses make an average of $6.50 per $1 spent on influencer marketing.

The playing field for influencers has expanded greatly over the past couple of years, specifically with the introduction of new and exciting social channels for them to share content on. One such platform,  TikTok, has been taking the world of social media by storm as of late. The app has captured the hearts of both Gen-Z users and the brands looking to appeal to them.

TikTok has been universally dubbed the social media platform to watch out for in 2020, especially when targeting the younger demographics we mentioned above. But how do you find influencers on TikTok to promote your brand? And how do you get in touch with them? Well, that’s where we come in! We will discuss some of the best ways to find TikTok influencers to rock your next campaign and take your brand to new heights on social media.

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Best Ways To Find TikTok Influencers

If you or your brand have become a believer in TikTok, and what it can do to garner the attention of your target audience, you then need to find compatible influencers. Here are some of the best ways to find TikTok influencers for your next campaign.


Start By Performing An Organic Google Search

Sometimes, doing things ‘the old-fashioned way’ still has its effectiveness. And this method would certainly fall into that category. A targeted Google search for TikTok influencers can yield some helpful initial results to build off of.  You can start by simply searching “top TikTok influencers” to help identify some of the more popular influencers on the platform. From there, you can modify your search to identify specific niches or characteristics that apply to the desired traits of your campaign.

For example, let’s say you’re a fitness brand. A logical starting point in your search process would likely begin with typing in “fitness TikTok creators” and seeing what results populated. This isn’t the only part of the search process by any means, but it’s a good starting point to establish an idea of who the most relevant influencers are in a particular niche or business sector.


Utilize an Influencer Marketing Platform

No matter which platform you choose to advertise on, you need analytics to select the right influencers, as well as to measure & track the performance of your content. One of the best ways to do that is by utilizing an influencer marketing platform.

When it comes to influencer platforms for TikTok, Influsoft is one of the best for finding relevant, ROI-producing influencers. The platform was designed by a team of award-winning Influencer Marketing pioneers who spotted a glaring need in the market for a fully encompassing platform that streamlines the entire Influencer Marketing campaign process cross-platform. Influsoft offers a litany of tools to users and provides the insights necessary to track and achieve their goals, as well as discover TikTok influencers who can generate engagement and align with a brand’s image and values.

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Use TikTok’s Discover Page to Search for Relevant and Trending Hashtags

One thing to take into consideration when it comes to TikTok is that the desktop experience offers very little navigational control. This is very much a platform designed and optimized primarily for mobile use. So users looking to search for specific hashtags, user handles, and keywords are best off doing so through the mobile app.

From there, you can go to the Discover page and simply enter your search terms within the top search bar. You can also identify top trending videos from the “Top,” “Users,” “Videos,” “Sounds,” and “Hashtags” tabs as well.


Identify Existing Influencer Sponsored Content On TikTok

Much like you would using the Discover page search functions, you can also search for TikTok content that’s tagged with the #ad hashtag (or a specific campaign tag, for that matter) to identify sponsored content on the platform. Utilizing this approach enables brands to locate existing influencer content quickly, and helps them to decide if the influencers who are partnering with these brands are worth reaching out to for their campaign.


Use Other Social Media Platforms to Cross-Check For Known Influencers

When looking for TikTok influencers, checking out the influencers you already know about from other popular platforms like Instagram and YouTube is not a bad place to start either. Influencers both big and small often have a strong cross-channel presence, which means they’re excelling on Instagram and YouTube and may have already started establishing a growing TikTok following. This may not always be the case, as TikTok in many ways is still in its infancy. But it’s certainly worth checking in on, simply to find out if the influencers you’ve already heard of – or perhaps even worked with on other platforms – have established themselves already on TikTok.

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