How to Be Influential on Twitter & Maximize Your Brand's Awareness

by: Dustin Hawley | Monday April 15, 2019

Things move very quickly on social media. Trends seem to develop by the minute, and the ever-evolving nature of social in its entirety keeps users from around the world on their toes. This is particularly true when discussing Twitter. The average lifespan of one tweet on the platform is only about 18 minutes, according to a study conducted in 2017. Over 8,000 new tweets are sent every single second. So it's no surprise that getting your messages to stick and make an impact in today's flooded social feeds is no easy task. Unfortunately, what is easy to do is...get lost in the crowd.

Someone opening their Twitter app on their phone in the hope of becoming influential on Twitter

Twitter marketing techniques need to pack a punch in order to get people to take action and garner the ever-declining attention spans of consumers. But it can be difficult to know exactly what techniques work, and which ones keep you lost in the sea of irrelevancy. Brand awareness can be maximized on Twitter if you take the right approach. Everything from selecting the right handle, to activating advanced searches to optimize your targeting; all of these elements play a crucial part and are true components of a truly compelling Twitter profile. But though there are many elements to consider, we are here to help you. Here are some tips on how to be influential on Twitter & maximize your brand's awareness.

Start by Selecting the right handle, profile photo, and header

Being influential on Twitter starts with how you brand yourself. So first things first, create a Twitter handle that is recognizable, easy-to-remember, and fairly short if possible. This makes it easier for people to tag you in their tweets. It also populates your profile faster when someone tries to search your name. Basically, make yourself memorable and easy to find.

Whenever possible, try to keep your names and handles consistent across all social media profiles. Sometimes this can be difficult, as certain handles and usernames have already been taken on certain networks. Keep this in mind when deciding on your handle. Considering doing some research on if your desired handle is available universally on all the platforms you intend to use. 

Also, try not to use a name that’s different from your brand or company name. This may potentially confuse your followers or make your page harder to find.

Optimize your bio to showcase your brand’s personality

Your Twitter bio used to be a vessel for you to showcase your company in 160-characters or less. However, with the changes Twitter made to character limits over recent years, you now have a whopping 280 characters to work with. While you may sense the playful sarcasm of that sentence, the long and short of it - no pun intended - is that though the limit has raised the ceiling of available words, the limit itself is still inherently brief. Which means you need to create a spectacular one to be effective.

On the flip side, this doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Limitation breeds creativity. Take the pressure out of it and simply explain who you are to the world in a few short, sweet sentences. Keep these elements in mind when crafting your bio:

  1. Be accurate and on brand. Tell people exactly who your brand is and what you're about.
  2. Incorporate some personality when appropriate. Say something original or even crack a joke if it's organic.
  3. Be a bit shamelessly self-promotional. Not in an offputting way, of course. But if your brand has some great accomplishments under their belt, you want to tell people! Have thousands of customers or marquee clients? Share it with the world.
  4. Make it targeted. Write a bio that will attract people that fit in with your target audience or buyer persona.
  5. Utilize relevant hashtags (and/or tag brands with which you have worked with or have an ongoing relationship with) in order for users to find your account when they search for those terms.

Tweet during peak hours

Like every social network, there are certain days of the week or times of day when users are more active on Twitter. And also like the other platforms, you want to be posting your content during high-traffic periods to optimize and expand your reach. Take the time during your initial stages to identify those hours and days where traffic is ideal, and posting during those windows of time. You’ll boost both impressions and engagement, and certainly increase clicks.

From a general perspective, there are certain universal traits in regards to high-traffic times on social media. In 2018, Buffer updated a previous article with new data that revealed tweets posted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday have higher CTR's than those posted during other days of the week. 

Keep in mind that you want to also be targeted, so your high-traffic metrics for your particular vertical may vary than that of another industry. Research industry-specific peak hours, while also keeping in mind the tendencies of users who additionally may fit your buyer persona. Since your peak posting times will depend on your specific audience, test the performance of your content at different days and times to find out what works best for your goals.

Activate advanced searches

A screenshot image of Twitter advanced search interface

Brands and marketers alike often say to themselves, 'If only I could find people who are interested in my services or products at this very second?" Or perhaps "What are people really saying about your brand?"

Alas, a solution exists! And that solution exists in the form of Twitter advanced search. Instead of sending out promotional tweets or writing to your existing customers, find potential ones by searching through industry-specific terms. 

Share your positive press coverage

Sharing compelling press about your brand can provide the extra "push" to help you stand out against a sea of voices on Twitter. Keep an eye out positive press on and off Twitter and Tweet about some of these mentions to keep you in control of your brand story.

Actively seek conversations

Monitoring a mix of both broad and local hashtags will ensure that you’re up-to-date on all applicable conversations and avenues to enter the discussion. It’s also important to know what people are saying about your competition. Hone in on their relevant hashtags and keywords to identify gaps and industry pain points for your brand.

Follow and engage with industry influencers

If your brand has a PR team, they likely have a list of journalists they may be courting. They also may be working with an influencer marketing agency who is providing social media content creation for their marketing efforts.  These may be industry analysts or influencers - perhaps both - whom they cite and even contract for contributed content. Influencers are essentially celebrities and trendsetters in their own right. So chances are the majority of these industry heavyweights are active on Twitter as well. You can use this to your brand's advantage.

A group of influencers filming themselves on an iPhone

It isn't all just about the social stars in reference to the influencers mentioned above. Influencers aren't just the millennial-laden Instagram stars of the moment. Thought leaders are also influencers, and they often focus on influencing other thought leaders, often with a goal to attain media coverage.

Influencers and thought leaders are in many ways one and the same. However, regardless of the benefits of social media marketing that both personalities bring to your branding, one thing is certain: Creating content that resonates with your audience should always remain priority number one. Becoming a valued part of the community that surrounds your product and brand should always be kept top of mind, first and foremost.

In Closing 

Twitter is one of the best places to increase brand awareness and generate new leads, but things move quicker on the platform than arguably any other social media network. Your Twitter marketing efforts have to be unique so that you stand out from the crowd, like the top marketing influencers on Twitter. If you are looking for some additional tips on how to stand out from the crowd and enhance your brand awareness, check out our piece on the best people to follow on Twitter


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