Pinterest has significantly grown in popularity since its launch in 2009. It has a reported user base of over 478 million active users monthly with a growth rate of 76% year-on-year rise. The platform has worked towards growing its current user base and has made its way onto the list of influential social media platforms for brands looking to diversify their social media strategy for paid promotions. Millennials, Gen-Z, and male users have been more attracted to the platform due to its improved media sharing features.

Pinterest is an excellent tool for advertising as they have been promoting it as an advertising platform. The platform also presents a strategic advantage – where advertising is not looked upon as an intrusion but rather welcomed as a social marketplace. 

Pinterest has a lot of advertising tools for the interested advertiser. Their sharing and media features have improved over the years, and Pinterest has registered its supremacy for reaching out to the right customer. Let’s take a look at targeting, making creatives for Pinterest, different ad campaigns you can run, and much more. Their innovation has put them on the map with other social media platforms as a conversion driving channel. 

From DIY Projects to Gift Ideas, the platform has been a place for inspiration for a long time. It has gained extra popularity in the last couple of years because it focuses on the more refined tastes in life rather than politics and sports. This makes the platform safe for advertisers too, because they are not competing with world news. Let’s take a look at the different ways of advertising on Pinterest. 


Pinterest Ads Manager

Pinterest has a self-service ad platform, making it easier for advertisers to reach out to new audiences that are most likely to make a purchase. It’s called the Ads Manager. The Ads Manager allows you to create and launch campaigns almost instantaneously. Some easy steps to create an Ad Campaign on Pinterest: 

  1. Open Ads Manager and create a new ad
  2. You will have some options for setting your campaign goals
  3. Fill in the ad group details
  4. Select your target audience 
  5. Decide on a budget and schedule your advertisement 
  6. Select a pin on your page you want to promote

And voila! Your first ad campaign on Pinterest is ready. It is easy, user-friendly, and convenient to use the Pinterest Ads Manager to run ads and reach a larger audience. 


Uploads Made Easier

Pinterest used to have a feature to upload pins separately. But in 2015, developers introduced the bulk upload feature to promote the platform as a viable channel for investment by retailers. You can use the Pinterest Bulk Editor to upload more than one pin at a time, and this option works better for retailers and advertisers who want to use the platform as an online storefront. 


Advertisement Types And Advertisement Groups

Pinterest has a unique feature that allows users to save pins to the boards of their choice to be reviewed, viewed, or referenced later. The pins are searchable and can be pinned to the profile by the user. Pinterest uses associated keywords and hashtags associated with the pins to target customers searching for those keywords. Here are the different types of promoted pins you can create:

Promoted Pins

As the name implies, promoted pins are shown to potential customers to save. If the pin is then pinned from the user’s board by another pinner, the promoted label goes away. These subsequent pins are considered earned media for the advertiser, which translates into free exposure for you. They are similar to organic pins, with the only exception that it is paid promotion.

Rich Pins

It is recommended to create Rich Pins because it allows the metadata from your company’s web page to be used directly on the pins on Pinterest. Apply for Rich Pins before getting started to check if your data is syncing correctly with Pinterest. Rich Pins are further categorized to narrow down the search results based on metadata:

    • Product Pins
    • Article Pins
    • Recipe Pins

The Shop Tab

In 2020, Pinterest came out with the Shop tab to make it easier for the consumer to surface pins that showcase purchasable goods. The Shop tab can easily be transformed into a visually appealing storefront. This feature also allows for a more organized and deliberate showcasing of products on the page by advertisers who are then available to be pinned by the customer. 

Pinterest Ad Groups

Pinterest allows various ad sets to run within a single ad campaign. This will enable you to focus more on performance – rather than just the budget acting as the deciding factor for your ads. You can run two ads side by side, check for the better-performing advertisement, and formulate your future strategy accordingly. 


Pinterest Video

The video feature of Pinterest allows for yet another creative asset to deploy across various Pinterest Advertising Campaigns. Pinterest has seen an increased use of organic video pins, up by 240% year-on-year growth. A combination of short video clips combined with short GIFs can be an excellent way to compel the audience to build awareness and click through to your landing pages. There has been a growth of 6X in the number of video views on Pinterest. 


In Closing

There are many options to reach out to the desired audience on Pinterest for the aware advertiser. It is highly recommended that brands add Pinterest to their advertising mix to get the maximum out of their social media strategies, spread their budget across various platforms, and achieve better reach.

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