As the world continues to change at a blistering pace, the digital landscape has also rapidly shifted over the past decade. Most people have switched from their desktop to their laptops, from mobile phones and tablets and everything in between. Innovation is always taking place in digital technology, and it’s a world with seemingly no boundaries when it comes to it’s potential. But the long and short of it is that basically, people have many tools they use to interact with one another.

Content marketing has followed a similar trend. Today’s business landscape uses content to deliver a message for brands that their customers want, at exactly the time they want it. Video marketing is a highly-effective tool that helps marketers add great value to their content efforts and deliver both relevant and engaging messages to their audience.

Consider this…In 2017, Forbes reported that over 90% of the customers said video content helps them make a purchasing decision easier. In the two years since Forbes posted this report, video content and its relevance in today’s social media-driven culture have grown exponentially, a clear indication that videos represent not only a lens into the current state of affairs, but also the very future of content marketing as we know it. This article focuses on outlining the reasons why marketers should focus their efforts on video content.

Why Video Is Future of Content Marketing

It’s not just a rise in popularity that makes video the future of content marketing. Many reasons contribute to this assessment, but a select few have a profound influence. Let’s go over a few of them.

Consumers share more video content

people looking at video on a smartphone smiling

People share videos over 1200% more than any other type of content. Think about that for a moment. This staggering number makes it abundantly clear for companies that they should focus on videos if they are looking to attract a larger audience. Additionally, consumers prefer consuming video content over other forms, like reading a blog post. It’s easier for consumers to engage with video content and to influence their purchasing decisions based on the messages they receive. This is one of the primary reasons brands should be investing in content creation if they haven’t already been doing so.

Also, videos work seamlessly on any mobile device, which makes it even easier for customers to consume it. On the flip side, despite the ever-increasing popularity of videos, marketers should also be aware of the ideas and branding their videos support, ensuring that they align with their values and goals.

Video helps build a relationship between brands and consumers

In today’s tech-driven society, video isn’t just a forum for celebrities and public figures to shine anymore. Quite the contrary. As we have seen in the rise of social media, public figures take many shapes and forms, and all have a particular niche or appeal that makes them who they are. This can be seen firsthand in the influencer marketing industry. 

As a marketer, video helps to build a virtual client-to-vendor relationship in the simplest fashion. Lots of LinkedIn video content, for example, is essentially a monologue of insights or inspiration from the person delivering the message, which becomes an extremely powerful tool to be leveraged when it comes to building a relationship (and trust) with your consumers.

Videos are relevant on any mobile device

It’s 2019, and people are no longer tethered to their desktop or laptop like they once were. Technological advancements have created flexibility for consumers to have constant and instantaneous access to information, media, and communications. Most of your brand’s potential customers prefer to consume content their mobile devices over traditional forms, and almost all of them have more than one. People also synchronize their data between accounts and devices – not only to avoid having to remember their seemingly endless list of passwords – but also to enjoy the convenience of accessing their data from any device, anytime, from anywhere.

collection of mobile devices

Creating video content is just the first piece of the puzzle. Optimizing that content to be consumed on a variety of mobile devices is another task in itself. However, it is a labor that bears fruit, as video content is a user-friendly option for your marketing efforts that is very customer-oriented and engaging to the consumer.

Videos create brand recall

HubSpot reports that more than 80% of the customers admit that it becomes easier for them to remember a video that they watched a month ago. Unlike text-focused content like blogs, videos focus on the power of the visual, making it easier for the target audience to remember the context and idea behind the content than simply seeing the words or static images of your message. Theme songs? Recurring characters? These are tried and true tactics for building brand loyalty and recall, and they can both be organically weaved into your video content to great benefit.

picture of woman looking up at thought bubbles containing the nike and mcdonalds logos

Marketers working on their video strategy should also pay close attention to their brand’s strategy when creating content. The visual effects, the tone used, all the characteristics that genuinely represent your brand should be in line with the ones used on your companies website and business blog. Keeping a consistent, branded visual strategy in terms of things like fonts, colors and styles makes it easier for the audience to recognize your brand. Think about the Nike Swoosh logo or the McDonald’s golden arches.

Videos improve SEO performance

Videos can significantly improve the business’ SEO performance. In general, people react very well to videos which means that their reactions will improve the website’s click-through rate. Also, a high-quality video that attracts customers has the power to lead them to your business’ homepage.

picture of laptop on desk with people overlooking data on screen

You also have more of a chance to go viral with video content, though going viral in any sense is no easy task. But people are inherently open to sharing videos with their friends and families, and they are easily consumable pieces of content that often can create emotional connections with their audience. People are then more likely to spend time watching a video instead of reading a text.

In turn, when your company posts a video on one of your landing pages, your target audience is likely to spend more time on your website if it contains a video. This will increase your dwell time, and when that happens, Google begins to recognize your content as being valuable. That means your pages will be ranked higher, and when you rank higher, your boss is more likely to sign-off on that vacation you requested.

Are you ready to use video content?

No matter your business or vertical, your target audience is increasingly selective in today’s market. And it’s not their fault. They’re bombarded with a variety of marketing content daily, often by the minute, making it difficult to choose where they should focus their attention. It’s for that, and many other reasons that video content is a powerful tool for businesses to use to get their desired message to their target audience. Marketers should focus their efforts on promoting trust and engagement from their audience. Videos represent the future of content marketing, and the businesses that are focusing on video content and investing in the strategy have a leg up on their competition.


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