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Having a popular annual contest is a great asset to build long-term engagement and make brands stay on the minds of consumers. But, in the global pandemic, everything has gone virtual, and it’s not easy to deliver the same experience. The campaign needs a push to keep the excitement live!

Tim Hortons’ annual Roll Up The Rim To Win contest was quite popular; it was a Canadian tradition. There was a difference this time, though. Instead of rolling up the edges of the cups to find prizes, it was all happening virtually over the new mobile app. It also had a new name: “Roll up to Win.” This promotion needed some special attention to make it as appealing as the physical version, and that’s where Viral Nation came in. 

We roped in 6 influencers, called ‘Timfluencers,’ and created over 40 pieces of content. Over a month-long period, the campaign forged a new virtual identity for the popular contest and produced excellent results in sales, app downloads, and engagement.



The Outcome

The inaugural Roll Up The Rim To Win digital campaign engaged six influencers who produced over 40 pieces of content during the contest period. From March 8th to April 4th, 2021, the campaign generated over 10 million paid and earned impressions and over 10,000 clicks to mobile application stores, driven primarily by the campaign. 


Bringing Roll Up The Rim To Win To Life

Reinventing the contest took building awareness about the new ways that users could participate. It also meant driving awareness that every roll is a winner, with a bevy of attractive prizes to collect. With the help of Influsoft, we determined that the target audience had a wide variety of interests, from gaming and sports to food and parenting.

Instagram was identified as the central platform for the campaign, with Facebook and TikTok playing vital supporting roles. Additionally, we also targeted Twitch, mainly due to its popularity among the gaming community. 

The influencers also had 50 free “Rolls” to give away, designed to encourage their followers to engage with the campaign. Viewers shared the excitement of Roll up to Win in real-time, watching as the influencer showcased what they had won. All influencer content encouraged audiences to share their wins using the hashtag #RolluptoWin, increasing engagement and awareness. 


The Viral POV

“A Canadian tradition, Tim Hortons’ annual Roll up the Rim to Win contest was not unknown, but the brand’s newly launched mobile application needed a boost. And with the global pandemic wreaking havoc on restaurants of all sizes and competing for audience preference and dollars, Tim Hortons needed to stand out from other QSR brands. To support the fresh new name Roll up to Win and drive awareness that every roll is a winner, six ‘Timfluencers’ with resonance in identified verticals were selected to activate the new and improved contest. To encourage direct response installs, influencers were given up to 50 free Rolls to gift. It was such an honor to be a part of this campaign with one of Canada’s most iconic brands.”

– Kathleen McGoldrick, Account Director at Viral Nation


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