Clubhouse recently announced the introduction of four new features to its platform: Clips, Replay, Universal Search, and spatial audio for Android. Spatial audio was introduced for iOS in August, and now they are rolling out more options for everyone.

In their announcement, Clubhouse explained that these features would help expand their reach in various ways, offering the capability for users to capture short sections of a longer recording, creating the ability to access conversations after the fact, making topics and people easier to search. Now everyone can feel like they are in the room with a crowd. 

Breaking Down The New Options & Features

Clubhouse explains that Clips allows creators to share moments and grow their audiences and allow anyone to share 30-second clips of public rooms. The process starts when a host creates a room and can choose whether they want clips enabled. 

Clips will be on by default for open/public rooms, and they can be turned off at any time. It is important to note that they will not be available for private, social, or club rooms. If Clips are enabled, users can grab 30 seconds and share it across other platforms. It is currently in beta, and only a few have access, but they hope to offer it to more users soon. 

“If you’re listening to a speaker who says something particularly wise (or not), you can create a clip, which generates a shareable moment with a link to join the room,” Clubhouse explained. 

According to Social Media Today, Clubhouse is trying to be cautious about this feature because they are aware of the possible dangers in letting people share 30-second audio clips and taking them out of context. With these challenges, “it makes sense that Clubhouse is more slowly unveiling this feature.”

Replay seems to be the most lucrative of the features Clubhouse is rolling out because it allows creators to record a room, save it to their profile and club, or download the audio to share it externally, like on a podcast feed. Hosts and moderators can choose whether or not they want the room to be recorded.

Another feature provided is Universal Search, which allows users to search for rooms that interest them. Even Clubhouse admits that it’s “crazy” that this was not an option earlier. 

“This will allow you to search for people, clubs, live rooms and future events – so you can find your friends more quickly, discover amazing clubs and events related to any breaking news or nerdy interest, and find rooms about specific things happening in the world right now,” Clubhouse explained. 

Of course, when there were fewer users, searching was not as necessary. With Clubhouse moving out of beta and opening access to anyone, a search feature has become essential. As the platform has become more crowded, it has also become less user-friendly without a keyword feature. 

Finally, Clubhouse has announced that they are opening up Spatial Audio for Android users after a couple of months of testing the feature with iOS users. Because it has been a success, they decided to expand their user base to provide a more three-dimensional audio experience. 

“From musical performances to storytelling rooms, to debates, it has really improved the experience on Clubhouse… so now we’re rolling it out to everyone,” they explained. 


In Closing

As Clubhouse continues to compete for user attention among an ocean of other apps that are also trying to increase traffic, these new features are not just window dressings. Some of the features are necessary as they see their platform grow. At the same time, other platforms already have well-established searches and provide audio spaces, like Twitter, so Clubhouse has a steep hill to climb to maintain its relevance. We will be keeping an eye on their trajectory in the coming months. 

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Clubhouse Adds New Features, Including Search, Replays, And Spatial Audio For Android Users

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