Bringing People Closer With Campbell’s “Together We Cook” Campaign

In a world that revolves around social relevance and appealing Instagram posts, healthy eating is top of mind for many millenials. While it’s hard to avoid the occasional indulgence, younger audiences always have their eyes peeled for healthy recipes. This growing trend has had an impact on brands like Campbell’s and how they reposition their products. 

When you think about trendy food today, you’ll likely find more buzz around avocado toast than soup. Andy Warhol may have embedded Campbell’s Tomato Soup forever in the art scene, but it isn’t necessarily viewed as a convenient solution for today’s time-strapped millennial family.

Campbell’s Soup wanted to make soup trendy among millennials, so we took the challenge head-on. Matty Matheson, the tattooed and highly entertaining YouTube cooking sensation, created a 10-episode series called Together We Cook


The Outcome?

Over 42 pieces of original and evergreen influencer content were created for Together We Cook. The campaign generated over 14 million impressions and 50K more clicks to the website, and a 35% improvement over industry benchmarks across YouTube and Pinterest ads featuring Together We Cook. The ROI comes when this attention converts to sales. The campaign did exactly that: boosted sales and achieved a better positioning among the target audience.


Bringing “Together We Cook” To Life

The Together We Cook series featured ten videos with mouth-watering recipes containing no more than five ingredients, all of which could be made with Campbell’s products. The videos demonstrated the ease and versatility of cooking with Campbell’s products in a fun, casual way, with Matty and his family across Matty’s IGTV and YouTube.

Matty Matheson proved to be the perfect partner for Campbell’s. With award-winning cookbooks, a successful web series, and appearances on Jimmy Kimmel, he also had a huge Instagram following – which was perfect for our target audience. 

Recipes were amplified on Pinterest, a popular source for foodie inspiration. In addition, YouTube ads were developed from the videos and amplified to drive awareness of the series. 


The Viral POV

“The Matty Matheson x Cooking with Campbell’s campaign merged the world of a modern Canadian chef with an iconic food brand to create a 10-part recipe series that showed Canadian audiences new and innovative ways to incorporate Campbell’s products into their cooking repertoire.”

-Daniela D’Angelo, Account Director at Viral Nation


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