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We all miss concerts and live performances. There is something about virtual performances in the current format that just doesn’t cut it. But given the circumstances, they’re a good option, and the music industry had to adapt quickly to the new normal. 

Hydeout: The Prelude, an immersive digital experience, was developed to unite music lovers by bringing them closer to their favorite artists, wherever they may be. Viral Nation stepped in to plan for the Hydeout: The Prelude launch and sustain the momentum thereafter.

Our team devised a comprehensive content strategy, creating 200 pieces of content to launch Hydeout and engage audiences across multiple social platforms. Built a community around value-driven content, the messaging highlighted the artists, 40+ live music episodes, and unique platform differentiators.



The Outcome

In total, over 200 pieces of content were produced to launch Hydeout: The Prelude. The Hydeout communities on Facebook and Instagram grew from zero to over 25K in less than six weeks and continue to grow, as the campaign is still in progress. Throughout the campaign, we have maintained a solid engagement rate of 2%, exceeding the benchmark of 1.2%.


Launching Hydeout: The Prelude

The first plan of action was to identify the platforms that we had to target for the launch. After extensive research and data analysis, we zeroed in on Instagram and Facebook, as these platforms had the most active music communities within the target segment. Subsequently, we designed a comprehensive always-on content strategy to reach the audience en masse, centered around the strategic communication pillars we identified.

The content involved various formats, including short teaser videos, carousels, static content, and interactive stories, and showcased artist profiles and 40+ live music performance episodes. We also had other unique platform differentiators – such as Hydeout season passes, merchandise, and avatar creation. 

Surprise and delight tactics, promotions, and contests were launched to build anticipation for Hydeout’s debut and sustain engagement as episode content became available. We built a global community of music lovers who could connect with the artists on the platform and interact. Influsoft analytics helped us understand the artists’ audience better and use their following to grow ours.

The conversation took off, and we were there for it, engaging in the comments, DMs, and on artist posts. 


The Viral POV

Viral Nation, in collaboration with Pico, was asked to launch an immersive digital experience, Hydeout: The Prelude. Developed to unite music lovers by bringing them closer to their favorite artists, wherever they may be, our job was to amplify their launch with an organic social media strategy, including content production and community management.

-Alice Fenwick, Account Director at Viral Nation


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