In 2020, the best place for anyone to ‘Gram was their own homes – and the handful of other places one could visit during the pandemic and the lockdowns. However, 2021 is offering better prospects if we are cautiously optimistic. For influencers passionate about traveling and engaging with their audience, it’s time to begin your research on the next go-to destinations. 

There’s even a term for it: revenge travel.

It’s not fun being stuck at home – influencers and their audiences are thinking of ways to escape the “new normal.”  However, as plans begin to take shape, there are new, important challenges to consider. For example, COVID protocols are in place at most destinations, though relaxed for those who’ve already been vaccinated. 

Where do you go? What are the most ‘grammable places right now? Of course, an Insta-worthy destination needs to have much to offer. 

Many travel and lifestyle influencers try to capture the real essence of a place, like a visual travelogue of sorts, when they create their content. While selecting destinations, it is good to think about what kind of content you can create. You don’t want it all to be about different views of beaches, right? Food, architecture, nature – all these factors are important too. When your ‘Gram adventures capture more than just pics that look beautiful and can tell real stories, that’s when your wall becomes truly standout. 

So what are the destinations worth visiting? As the world opens up and becomes accessible again, here is our list of top Instagram destinations for influencers in 2021. 


Bora Bora

With white sand beaches and perpetually sunny weather, Bora Bora is a great destination for influencers.

Bora Bora is covered in a million shades of blue and green, with pristine backdrops for your Instagram images just about anywhere you look.

Mount Otemanu, a 2400 ft high extinct volcanic peak, is a lovely location to snap some awe-inspiring shots. 

Bora Bora is a 50-minute flight away from Tahiti, which is currently open for vaccinated travelers – and they don’t have a quarantine period, either. So you could hop over there after Bora Bora and take in the culture while getting some more great shots with a tropical theme. 


Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is where the East meets the West, the junction between Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With thousands of years of history and imperial heritage, Istanbul has no shortage of ‘gram-worthy locations. 

The breathtaking historical buildings, monuments, bazaars, and more, can add variety to your Instagram feed. Hagia Sofia, the Blue Mosque, and other monuments are architectural triumphs that absolutely deserve space on your wall. Istanbul also has a vibrant street food culture – this means plenty of opportunities to capture lighter moments. 



Albania is great for those who can’t decide between beaches or mountains. This southeast European country has the Alps’ vistas to offer and the pine forest-laden Adriatic coast. Albania also has a rich cultural heritage and monuments dating back to the Roman era and earlier. The Albanian Alps are open to visitors only during summers and feature some truly amazing views. 

Albania is connected to most European countries and can be easily accessed. Castles, hikes, cable car rides, beaches, snow-capped mountains – Albania definitely makes for an interesting road trip destination.

Albania recently eased COVID restrictions: the country is now open to most visitors. With the government and the hospitality sector eager to see a comeback, you’ll find some great deals, too, on top-end, eminently ‘grammable luxury properties. 


Tallinn, Estonia

Captivating gothic towers,  some of the world’s best-preserved medieval architecture, and plenty of greenery: that’s Tallinn, Estonia in a nutshell.

Cobblestone streets giving way to soaring church bell towers, surrounded by medieval stone walls. Tallinn offers great shots and historical photo ops. 

Tallinn is also the endpoint for the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route, part of the European E9 Hiking trail. That means easy access to some rugged and frequently stunning outdoor areas. 


Tokyo, Japan

Cyberpunk is having a bit of a resurgence as of late in movies, games, and Insta feeds. If you want to fill cover your wall in a bright, neon-soaked aesthetic, there’s no better place to be than Tokyo. Some of the world’s most advanced public infrastructure, extreme population density, and proliferation of well-preserved historical sites like the Rikugien strolling garden make Tokyo an utterly unique (and totally grammable) experience. 

This is the place to capture the essence of the future, as well as the spirit of the past, in one gigantic study in contrast.


Havana, Cuba

There are few places like Havana that do such a good job preserving history while remaining wholeheartedly open to the outside world. 

Havana’s untouched colonial architecture and Latin charm offer fantastic backdrops for your ‘Gram adventures. Havana is a great art city, with local artists and popular maestros bringing their art to life on the city streets. Carnivals and other attractions mean that you’ll never run out of new experiences to capture. 


Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is a cultural potpourri. The Bulgarian capital is a fascinating mixture of Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Slavic themes. 

With places like the Square of Religious Tolerance, where the religious buildings of four different faiths sit next to each other, Sophia’s syncretic culture is always on display. 

With perfect Balkan weather, churches, mosques, and stunning street art, Sofia’s got a place on any great Insta feed. 



If you’re looking to capture the essence of East Asia -all that techno-dynamism jostling with tradition and crazy amounts of hustle – Singapore’s the place to be.

Singapore is jam-packed with amazing photo opportunities, from the kaleidoscopic art on Haji Ali lane to soaring skyscrapers to the X night market. 

An extra plus? Singapore loves its light shows – sound and light shows regularly take place across the city at night and can add some vivid contrast to your pictures. 


Dubrovnik, Croatia

There’s a reason Game of Thrones Kings Landing was filmed in Dubrovnik. The ancient walled city boasts spectacular architecture and natural beauty that takes you back to its medieval golden age. 

Red shingle topped buildings and cobblestone streets overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Just about anywhere in Dubrovnik, you can stop, turn, and capture jaw-dropping vistas. If you’re looking for that rough, historical aesthetic, there’s no better place. 


Bahia, Brazil

Really, not Rio? Well, yeah. Bahia, Brazil, isn’t quite as well know as São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s tourist hubs. 

It’s more of a hidden gem for Instagrammers looking to plumb Brazil’s rich cultural heritage. 

Bahia is the birthplace of samba and capoeira and features a strong, distinctive African cultural influence. Bahia has great beaches and blue waters to offer, but it’s the vibrant culture and street life that make the city pop. Your pictures and Insta stories will tell tales of Brazil’s cultural soul as you capture Portuguese colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and vibrant seascapes. 


In Closing

For influencers and travel bloggers, these locations offer a holistic experience. The places we just looked at definitely offer stunning views, but they’re so much more. There are so many stories to tell in these places at the intersection of history and culture, and online creators can do so through their photography. 

With so many of us still confined to our homes, there’s going to be some serious FOMO just from reading this piece (imagine what we felt like, writing this from a WFH environment!). But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re an influencer, this is a fantastic time to travel – small crowds, eased restrictions, and competitive pricing make every destination more accessible. 

For everyone else, revenge travel just got a bit more real: if you’re missing out right now, take notes and plan out your Gram-worthy post-COVID trip right now. 

There is some serious FOMO happening as I write this blog and look at these wonderful locations. It is also important to remember that the pandemic is still with us and that COVID regulations are dynamic. You will have to do proper research for any destination you choose to travel to.

So have you decided which is your favorite destination among the ones above?

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