Brazil is a country that boasts both outstanding natural beauty and colorful, bustling cities with rich culture. Being one of the primary hubs of Latin America, it comes as no surprise that there is a litany of Brazilian Instagram accounts that showcase the vibrancy and cultural significance of this region.

That’s why we have compiled a comprehensive list of ten must-follow Instagram accounts from Brazil. We’ll take you on a trip to the 5th largest nation in the world and discuss some of South America’s biggest and brightest stars on social media. Let’s get started!

Evaristo Costa

Evaristo Costa is a well respected public figure and ambassador for Brazil. He began his career working as a journalist in 1995, while he was still a college student. Working in a TV studio for two years provided him the opportunity to move to TV Vanguarda, landing his first position as a producer initially, before starting his career as a reporter and presenter.


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Direto de Londres pra @cnnbrasil. Em março! Bom final de semana, né?

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With over 7.7 million followers on Instagram, the current CNN anchor is a voice for the people of Brazil and has established himself as one of the most well-respected and decorated journalists of his generation. It’s safe to say he is one of the most influential Brazilians on Instagram.

Neymar Jr

For those who know even the slightest thing about Brazil, you are likely familiar with Neymar Jr; or more often referred to as simply Neymar. You know you’ve achieved worldwide stardom when you are referenced by a single name. Lebron. Kobe. Neymar. The professional footballer came into prominence at a very early age while with the club Santos, the organization with which he made his professional debut at age 17.

In 2017, Neymar made headlines when the superstar transferred from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain in a move worth €222 million. At the time made him the most expensive player ever in professional sports. With 61 goals in 101 matches for the Brazilian national team since debuting at age 18, Neymar is now the third-highest goalscorer for his national team. He trails only Pelé and Ronaldo, both legends of the sport.


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Match day but sadly I couldn’t play/Great victory team ⚽️👊🏽🖖🏽

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But it’s what Neymar does off the pitch that makes him a perfect addition to our list. Neymar ranks among the world’s most prominent sportsmen; SportsPro named him the most marketable athlete in the world in 2012 and 2013, and ESPN cited him as the world’s fourth-most famous athlete in 2016. By 2017, Neymar was included in Time on its list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Fast forward to 2019, and Forbes ranked him the world’s third highest-paid athlete. He’s as engaging on social media as he is on the pitch, and a must follow.

Camila Coelho

When it comes to the best Brazilian’s on Instagram, any list that didn’t include Camila Coelho would be incomplete. The Portuguese and English language fashion vlogger is most well known for her MakeUpByCamila YouTube channel, as well as her self-titled blog. But she has translated that prominence to Instagram and become a force on the platform.

Camila launched her main beauty channel in June of 2010, starting in Portuguese and later creating her English language channel in September of the following year. Originally hailing from Brazil, the South American influencer moved to Pennsylvania before settling down in Boston with her husband Icaro Brenner.

On her YouTube channel, Coelho has accumulated more than 3.4 million subscribers. She’s even more popular now on Instagram, where she has more than 8.6 million followers.

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Ricardo Amorim

He is among the best world lecturers at Speakers Corner and the winner of the “Most Admired in the Economy, Business and Finance Press”. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of São Paulo and was described as “Brazil’s most influential economist” by Forbes magazine. Ricardo Amorim is a really big deal, especially in his home country. The Brazilian economist, author, and host of Manhattan Connection at Globonews notably won the prize of LinkedIn’s Top Voice in 2016 and is arguably still the most influential Brazilian on the platform today.

Following a twenty-year career working at high-profile financial institutions in the US, Brazil, and Europe, Amorim returned to Brazil in 2008 after over eight years working in Wall Street. Once back in Brazil, he started Ricam Consultoria, his own financial consulting firm that advises on economics, finance, investment and strategy for his clients.

Julio Cocielo

Viral Nation’s own Julio Cocielo or simply Cocielo as he’s known to most of his fans, is a comedian, actor, and YouTuber. Cocielo isn’t just a hit amongst his Brazilian audience. He’s become world-famous for his vlogs on YouTube and his part in the band Panic in the Band. He became known after publishing vlogs on his channel, where he presents his daily life in the form of humor. It currently has 19 million subscribers on YouTube, being one of the largest channels in Brazil.

Cocielo came from humble beginnings. His first video, where he spends most of his time discussing commercials, yielded a modest 2,000 views at the time. But it was how he got his start and got to know other YouTubers. He was able to grow his audience, and over time and became very successful on the platform, which has gotten him to where he is today.

Much of his success could be attributed to the unpretentious, homemade production to mass success approach. His videos often capture him commenting on everyday things, but in a casual, relatable and humorous way.

Leticia Gomes

Showcasing a bevy of celebrity transformations ranging from Angelina Jolie to Michael Jackson, Letícia Gomes is best known for magically transforming everyday people into a plethora of different celebrities and creative characters. Letícia is quickly becoming a dominant guru in the online beauty sphere.

The Brazilian social medialite has now also translated her brand to the growing platform TikTok, where she’s already a bonafide star and famous content creator. Her makeup tutorials are some of the most popular in both Brazil and around the globe.

In Closing

The beauty of a platform like Instagram is that it not only allows you to keep current with culturally relevant material, but it also provides an opportunity to connect with Brazilians in an organic, genuine fashion. It’s an ideal way to keep up-to-date on current events and Brazilian culture.

It’s also worth noting that Brazilians are among the most digitally active people in the world. Even the co-founder of Instagram, Michel Krieger is Brazilian (he was born in São Paulo). Participating in activities that are so common to Brazilians will help you feel more included in Brazilian society. So get out those smartphones and mobile devices and dive into the feeds of all the great influencers we spotlighted above.

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