**Originally published February 27th, 2020. Updated June 8th, 2021**

Let’s face it, human simulations have existed for years. They’ve done everything from deal cards in Las Vegas to humble your inferior hand-eye coordination when you play video games. However, over the past couple of years, they have begun to take a different shape. These human simulations have become increasingly realistic and more engaging than we could have ever imagined. With the rapid ascension of A.I., and the CGI industry seemingly only growing by the day, we have also seen the rise of A.I. as it pertains to social media; in the form of A.I. influencers.


Lil Miquela

When discussing the best A.I. influencers to follow, we would be remiss not to include Lil’ Miquela, one of the world’s most famous CGI influencers to date. Like many of today’s social media influencers, Miquela sports designer clothing while carefully framing her social media snapshots and cleverly articulating her captions. She is an advocate for social change and currently has 1.9 million followers on her Instagram account.

picture of lil miquela against orange-red background

Lil’ Miquela has partnered with iconic fashion brands like Prada for Milan Fashion Week. She’s even released a few songs on Spotify. Quite the resume for a CGI model from Downey, California who first launched her Instagram profile in 2016.

Miquela is a computer-generated image (CGI) created by a Los Angeles-based startup called Brud, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence and robotics. But outside of their expertise in robotics, they also have a flair for the dramatic.

Last year, Miquela’s Instagram was apparently ‘hacked’ by an A.I. influencer named Bermuda, another Brud creation of rising online prominence. However, it was soon discovered that Brud had faked the “hack” on Miquela’s page in order to generate media coverage. While some may see this as an unsavory approach, others may see it as ingenious. And rightfully so, because it worked. One Brud investor acknowledged that the company had “(used) conflict to introduce new characters…same as the Kardashians always have.”

No one is necessarily comparing Lil’ Miquela to the Kardashians. But much like the famous family, we can’t seem to take our eyes off of what Lil’ Miquela does next.


Knox Frost

Similar to the approach that his counterparts like Lil’ Miquela have taken, Knox Frost is as mysterious as he is intriguing. Frost is a 19-year-old CGI man with 1.1 million followers on Instagram who currently resides in Atlanta. It seems more fitting to use the term ‘resides’ rather than ‘lives’, seeing that this influencer that is heavily shrouded in mystery is of the A.I. variety. The existence of Frost is so perplexing that one Reddit thread comically details one person’s journey of trying to figure out whether Know was real or not.

On his website, a Google doc that was apparently written by the A.I. entity says he wants to share his “deeper story.”

“I want to tell you about my past. I want to tell you about my goals,” he said. A fashion-forward A.I. influencer steeped in intrigue who presents themselves as a relative enigma? Count us in.



She is 19 years old, has over 200,000 Instagram followers, works with the biggest brands in the fashion industry and lives in Paris. Noonoouri has achieved what many dream of at her age – but she only exists on the web.

Noonoouri is a digital figure created by Joerg Zuber, a 43-year-old graphic designer from Munich, Germany. His creative agency, Opium Effect, helped him dream up the idea for Noonoouri over eight years ago. At the time, Zuber was running into every obstacle imaginable trying to bring his CGI influencer dreams to fruition. The forward-thinking graphic designer was unable to convince a single investor of his vision.

As a result, in late 2017 he brought Noonoouri to the market himself after spending years developing the character. Since then, the 19-year-old female influencer has worked with brands from Marc Jacobs and Dior to legendary brands like Versace, while also advertising for Kim Kardashian’s makeup line. Noonouri can eve say she is a ‘friend’ of supermodels like Naomi Campbell. Pretty good company for anyone in the modeling industry, let alone the CGI creation and brainchild of an innovative graphic designer.



Blawko22 has an air of mystery about him. Never appearing without his face mask (Which all of us should be doing right now, truth be told), he is part of a gang of virtual influencers that also features Lil Miquela and Bermuda. 

He regularly posts on Instagram about his adventures in Los Angeles, as well as controversial takes and meet-up pics with other virtual influencers.


Pippa Pei

In many ways, Pippa Pei is your average, fun-loving 19-year-old girl. But in many ways, she is wise beyond her digital years. Pippa was created for the sole purpose of ‘engaging with the Instagram Generation in a positive and dynamic way’.

Pippa Pei strongly opposes consumerism. She doesn’t follow fashion trends. She doesn’t see the need to wear a lot of makeup or spend loads of money on expensive or trendy beauty products. Pippa is a visionary who constantly questions the need to blindly follow the fashionistas of the world. But much like her human contemporaries, she also suffers from the self-doubts and anxieties that girls of her age typically experience during the maturation process. She is after all, only human.

Her very existence is intended to ‘stimulate questions and debate and via on-line engagement, increase awareness and promote a push for positive change and attitude.’

Imma Gram

Japan has always been a leader in technological innovations and advancements. And today is no different, as they recently introduced the world’s first CGI fashion model, Imma. This A.I. influencer possesses hyper-realistic features, created by talented graphic artists at CG company ModelingCafe, who designed Imma by transposing her 3D animated head onto a real-life body and background.

imma artificial influencer

The model has more than 172,000 followers on Instagram. She lends no mystery to the idea of being a human, saying in her bio ‘I’m a virtual girl.’ Imma says she is interested in Japanese culture and film, art. Imma is taken from the Japanese word ‘ima’, which means ‘now’ in English. With this growing list of high-profile A.I. influencers, it seems to also be an appropriate designation for Imma Gram and all influencers of her kind.



Astro is unique, and that’s saying a lot when we are discussing the topic of A.I. influencers and CGI models. The animated character knows as “astrolovesu” has over 140k followers on Instagram. Astro exists with a sense of duality, living in both the real world and animated environments simultaneously. It’s in this extraordinary blend of worlds that he does very ordinary things, sometimes alone and sometimes with other characters. He portrays his feelings in his expressions, many of which provide some strong cues as to how he perceives the world he lives in.

astro in an art gallery

It’s also interesting to note that Astro is currently working with Community.com, a company that dubs itself as ‘a first-of-its-kind conversation platform — enabling direct, meaningful and instant communication at a massive scale, all through text messaging.’  They are backed by celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, who is an outspoken advocate on issues regarding mental health.


Daisy Paigey

The latest of the up-and-coming CGI fashionistas, Daisy Paigey is another 19-year-old brainchild of the LA tech startup Spark CGi, which describes her as a “self-assured, freckled-faced” pixel and polygon creation.” Daisy was able to secure a modeling contract with the agency Lipps LA — known for working with famous faces such as the supermodel legend Helena Christensen, rapper Cardi B, and rocker Courtney Love, and will be marketed by the agency alongside its other talent.

daisy paigey picture



If you are an artist looking to be inspired, look no further than Nina Geometrieva. She’s the design lead for Grab – the ride-hailing platform from Southeast Asia that’s made a name for themselves as a noble competitor to bigger companies like Uber. Nina describes herself as ‘a self-taught designer focused on product design and illustration, obsessed with colors, and interested in cognitive psychology.’ Her passion project, Gemoetrieva, is quickly gaining the admiration of users on Instagram.

geometrieva image

Geometrieva is a CGI-based female cast in futuristic settings and backgrounds that provide stunning visual landscapes for Nina’s creative mind. Her bio defines her Instagram page as a lens into ‘the boring everyday life of a cyborg’. She has spent time in Vienna and Berlin before making the move to Tokyo a few months ago. Her goal is to ‘learn as much as possible about the complex social interactions that go into coordinating and building large scale products’. Lofty goals one might say. But if there’s a cyborg who can pull it off, it’s Geometrieva.

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