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The beauty industry and cosmetics domain is a hard one to break into, particularly for new brands. There are organizations both big and small that serve the masses, including niche segments, so making a name for oneself in this crowded segment is no easy task.

Juwel Cosmetics is a new entrant to the industry and wanted to do things differently – with authentic, inclusive messaging. More than aesthetics, Juwel wanted to focus on creating a more approachable, user-friendly, and dynamic image for itself. The idea was to reinforce the message that Juwel’s makeup is made to highlight and accentuate natural beauty and bring out the sparkle that already exists within. We had quite a challenge on our hands, but that’s what we live for!

Our internal team at Viral Nation crafted a comprehensive digital strategy with an always-on social presence. In total, over 300 pieces of content were created over 3 months, each one demonstrating how the brand accentuates natural beauty.


The Outcome

In the 3 months, over 300 pieces of content were created by the VN team alongside influencers like @leximars and @chyennenycole. The content was largely focused on Instagram, where both Stories and posts were utilized to highlight Juwel’s product line for eyes and lips. Influencers created stunning photo posts using  the Hidden Gems palette and Capri Lip Crayon.


Bringing The Campaign To Life

Juwel Cosmetics was certainly saying the right things to an audience who wanted to hear it. But putting both of those things together was the tricky part. To help identify the best approach for achieving this goal, a comprehensive audit was carried out to determine audience personas. Once we knew who we were talking to, we identified 2 main pillars to focus on- simplicity and interactivity. 

The next step involved developing unique user experiences and customer journeys that further reinforced the messaging. A redesign of the website, a guided content strategy, influencer partnerships, and social media strategy evolved from this. 

The idea was to keep the messaging simple, focused on accessible, human content, and simple explanations for the products with their benefits clearly visible. Natural elements were brought into Juwel product shots and models wore barely-there make-up to demonstrate how the brand would accentuate natural beauty. 

The campaign went live with over 300 content pieces ranging from static web images to TikTok videos.


The Viral POV

“The launch of Juwel Cosmetics is a testament to Viral Nation’s strategic approach to brand development. Through cohesive creative direction and product-focused tactics, Juwel’s new social media presence, website, and influencer partnerships place emphasis on community building as a way to connect with consumers in a highly competitive landscape.”

– Martina Mitchell, Account Director at Viral Nation


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