7 Amazing Content Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore

by: Dustin Hawley | Wednesday May 29, 2019

Content is front and center in our digital and social world of communication. Technologies have expanded in their capabilities, while marketers have become savvier on how to use them. The business landscape is more competitive than ever, with brands trying to grab any millisecond of viewership they possibly can amongst the dwindling attention spans of consumers.

Content is the very core of the connection between your brand and your customer. If you can connect with your audience in an authentic, genuine, human fashion while leveraging content to build relationships, your results will be exponentially improved.

Here are seven key content marketing trends your brand can't ignore in 2019.

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t exactly brand new, but both its influence and engagement rate are increasing at a rapid rate. In fact, it's one of the fastest-growing channels for business growth in the world today.

influencer filming themselves in living room displaying a peace sign with her right hand

Why is influencer marketing so effective? Simple...it’s more personal to the consumer. Consumers and social media users are much more likely to trust recommendations made by influencers. That means they are also far more likely to spend their hard-earned money if an influencer they follow promotes your brand's product because of the personal connection that is created. Partnering with an influencer marketing agency is ideal when dipping your toes into the waters of this growing marketing trend.

2. Voice Control and Search

We are officially in the age of voice control. Rather than planning and optimizing your keywords for users to type them into a device, thinking “how does my target audience type a search into Google or Facebook?”, marketers need to now also be thinking “how will my customer ask a question with their voice commands into their mobile device or Amazon Echo?"

screenshots of search process via voice command

Though the optimization of voice technology is already in full swing, big changes are on the horizon with voice control and search, and marketers simply cannot ignore its value. Some pieces of your content should focus on answering quick questions with quick answers if you want it to show up in search results in the future, that is. Brand's and marketers alike should be thinking about the words people say, not just what they type.

3. A Focus On Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is a skill many marketers have yet to master. Especially as it pertains to leveraging it. Many seem to think it means they are empowered to talk about themselves more, or that they need to get others to talk about them more. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Brand storytelling - when done well - dives much deeper into who you are, and why it is you do what you do. Brand storytelling is more about the experience you create, and how you engage your customers, not just bragging about yourself or shamelessly self-promoting.

"We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories." - Jonathan Gottschall

What's the story behind your brand? What trials and tribulations did you overcome to get to where you are? How did this adversity mold you into who and what you are today? These are the types of stories and information that consumers want to know in order to grow a relationship with your brand.

It takes approximately seven brand touch points for a consumer to remember you and your brand. So maximize every single touchpoint in order to create experiences that matter... experiences based on an intent to truly shape and influence the people and businesses your organization reaches through your social media content creation.

4. Different Content Formats

According to a Nielson report from 2017, millennials and Generation Z make up 48 percent of digital audiences. Content marketing is becoming increasingly focused on this particular demographic, so it’s no surprise that different types of visual and audio-based content are on the rise. It’s been said again and again that video is taking over in the marketing world, and anyone browsing their social feeds is likely to see this growing trend in action. Marketers certainly know its value; 35 percent of them use live video in their content marketing, according to a report by Social Media Examiner.

Another content format is on the rise: audio, and more specifically, podcasts. According to Statista, the number of podcast listeners is expected to rise to 132 million per year by 2022, and it's incredibly likely that number will only increase. There's no denying that the popularity of mediums such as podcasts, graphics, and images is growing at an exponential rate.

5. Varying Content Lengths

Long-form content has been gaining more popularity in recent years, as we have seen platforms like Instagram roll out long-form content channels like IGTV. Long-form content is known to increase traffic from search engines, which boosts your site’s visibility to potential customers online. But it's not exactly a "one size fits all" strategy, and it doesn’t mean it's suitable for every audience.

You have to know your audience before you decide that it’s long-form content or bust. 

infographic on why instagram opens up to long-form video

Switching up your post lengths and incorporating different mediums into your strategy can be a great move for brands looking to drive traffic from different people, each of which has their own unique preferences. Short-form content doesn’t have to mean fewer readers. It just means being more strategic about how you market to other audiences.

6. Artificial intelligence

We have only begun to scratch the surface of AI and its full potential of what it can do for digital marketing. AI presents immense benefits by increasing efficiency, reducing costs and minimizing the manual effort of simple, repetitive tasks.

illustration of a human hand shaking the hand of a robot

In 2019, expect to see more and more brands utilizing customer service chatbots, machine learning to enhance email delivery strategies, and programmatic advertising to assist in the automation of ad buying with highly specific targeting. Artificial intelligence is the future of business, and perhaps the world, and is one of the biggest social media marketing trends of the present.

7. Instagram shopping

Back in September of last year, Instagram rolled out its feature for product tagging on posts, as well as Stories for Business accounts, which catalyzed a big step forward for brands in social selling opportunities. There have been rumors swirling about that Instagram is creating its own standalone shoppable app, IG Shopping, indicating that they may be moving further towards improving the e-commerce customer experience within the platform. 

ig shopping app image

They have already integrated the shopping feature into the existing app, so there is no need to leave the platform to process and complete a purchase. Keeping consumers 'on-site' for their purchases is a top-of-mind focus for many marketers today, and this is another step towards the evolution of this trend. 

Final Thoughts

2019 has already shown us an increased focus on improving the customer experience with personalization, automation, and AI-powered technology. If your brand is looking to stay ahead of the curve and boost conversions in the coming year and beyond, improve the quality of your content marketing efforts by producing unique, customized conversational content – particularly audio and video content – to share with your target audience. 

Your competitors are likely already getting a jump on these trends, so what are you waiting for?


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