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Millennials are pretty conscious of pressing global issues, even when they’re knee-deep in immersive multiplayer online gaming. Many brands today do their bit to raise awareness about such matters. 

PUBG Mobile wanted to raise awareness about environmental issues amongst users on their platform and also, in the process, announce an upgrade and reach new users. We gladly said yes!

The campaign involved a virtual “sandstorm” that would affect every player in the PUBG world for 24 hours. Partnering with 20 gaming influencers activated to promote the campaign and livestream their sandstorm adventures, PUBG also partnered with One Tree Planted, an environmental charity. They delivered key messaging around the campaign on their channels, as well as the live stream.  



The Outcome?

The 18.0 Sandstorm campaign and the #protecttheplanet hashtag was an aptly named initiative – because it sure generated an absolute storm. With more than 52.3 million impressions, including over 18 million interactions, the campaign generated massive traffic. Influencers drove over 60% of total clicks to download for the game in total during the campaign. App downloads, the most critical of KPIs, stood at a whopping 60,000!

The campaign’s global scope stayed true to plan; half of the roster came from locales such as Turkey, India, North America, and the Middle East, driving 7.3 million interactions on their own, exceeding the collective target by over 30%.


Bringing “Sandstorm” To Life

The collection of twenty influencers, gaming VIPs, and global creator community heavyweights started the promotions in early May with teasers. The landing page talked about a “secret event” that encouraged users to “prepare for a disaster ahead,” in addition to being supported by content and custom assets we created in the form of ads, mobile banners, and more. 

Using a host of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Discord, the influencers generated interest and traffic to the landing page. Users were warned of the sandstorm via event-day ads and banners proclaiming that “Sandstorm is Here.”

The post-campaign visuals pivoted to show the globe wearing a helmet with the headline “Protect the Planet,” delivering the all-important message. One Tree Planted deployed its own set of stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to provide key messages about the live stream while underlining the value of a healthy climate. 


The Viral POV

“It was our honor to support PUBG MOBILE in their commitment to protecting the planet by creating a partnership with One Tree Planted for our 24-hour live stream event. Our campaign was an extension of an in-game event with millions of players, and we loved the challenge of organically introducing this social initiative to our gaming community.”

-Alvin Ma, Account Director at Viral Nation


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