Pinterest for business is a relatively new concept. But it is undoubtedly one that provides some solid ROI if executed correctly. If you haven’t started Pinterest for business yet, it is time to do so. Here are five ways in which you can maximize and effectively leverage Pinterest for business. 


1. Optimize Your Profile

It is one of the first steps, and it takes only a few minutes to set up the profile, but that in no way means that getting the most out of your profile is easy. It is essential to create a profile that tells people and gives them a hang of what you do. Your profile should provide a clear idea of what the brand does and the kind of content they can expect from you. It is vital to optimize your profile on Pinterest to be seen as legit, trustworthy, and as a market leader in your selected domain. Some of the important features of a good Pinterest profile are as follows: 

    1. A distinct company logo should be used as a profile picture, and it will be better if it is optimized according to the Pinterest size as mentioned in the guidelines.
    2. A cover photo that ties in with the brand closely.
    3. A keyword-rich yet simple description.
    4. The brand website is linked to the Pinterest Profile.
    5. Highlight a few boards to give people a glimpse of the work you have to offer. 


2. Take An Organized Approach

If your objective on Pinterest is better brand visibility and awareness, it is a good idea to set clear and realistic goals and follow an organized approach. If the objective is to maximize product sales, it will also work wonders if you have separate boards organized for various topics or pins. Creating separate boards allows you to tap into a more extensive user base, reaching an audience with a wider taste or interest. Creating visual boards that tell your brand story is also an excellent idea to promote your brand. It is advisable to set clear goals and then take them from there. 


3. Content Strategy vs. Random Content

If your brand is the objective behind your Pinterest business profile, you cannot just leave the profile with link posts and image posts and hope for the results. It becomes crucial to understand the types of content and images one needs on their profile to win over an engaged audience and develop a foolproof content strategy accordingly. If you’re using Pinterest for business, you can’t just drop links and post images, hoping for the best. It’s crucial to have a specific idea of what types of content and images you should create to win over your audience and develop a content strategy accordingly. Set your goals and develop a content strategy geared towards fulfilling those goals.  


4. Use Captivating Images

Pinterest is a visual platform and content which looks better, sells better. If you have a strategy, then you can have a consistent color palette, high-definition pictures, and much more on your profile. 

  1. Content that inspires: Pinterest has been a platform that people have used for inspiration before starting a project. 
  2. Content that instructs: Educational content is at the very core of Pinterest, and it is important to note that about 84% of people use the platform to learn new things. Therefore, infographic content is an excellent way to reach people looking for facts and figures.


5. Utilize A Strategic Content Mix

It is vital to have a mix of all kinds of content to reach a wider variety of audiences. Here are some methods for creating an effective content mix.

  1. Create pins that stand out: Always keep a very close look at the size guide, the clarity of the images, and the aspect ratio which should be 2:3. The image must include your brand logo if you plan to promote your business on Pinterest. Targeted copies tell better stories and have a higher engagement rate than unplanned ones. It is essential to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the platform to be successful. 
  2. Better time for a better engagement: Timing is everything! Having said that, it is also important to mention that every post on Pinterest has a longer shelf life than that on any other social media platform. Seasonal and occasion-related content also works well on Pinterest.  
  3. Enhance productivity: A plan is a great way to remain efficient and on track with your goals and objectives. If you can plan your posts and content a little ahead of time, it is bound to work wonders for your business on Pinterest. Just one day in a week to create a plan and posts for your page is enough to stay ahead in the game. You can even schedule posts and pins to use your times better and have a big picture overview of your content calendar. A visual preview of your board helps you fine-tune your posts and prevents you from duplicating content.  
  4. Save that pin: You need to promote users to pin your content to their board regardless of your business objective. It helps with brand awareness and helps people discover your website and buy products from you. Therefore, it is essential to include the option for users to pin your content from your website. Adding Pinterest save buttons to the website helps with this objective and brings you more views. Use the Pinterest Widget Builder to create pins that users can save with just a button. 
  5. ‘Shop the Look’ pins: Improve your user’s shopping experience with this option on Pinterest. This single feature can make Pinterest a potent tool for your brand. This feature makes it easier for users to find and buy products, as it allows you to add tags to various products in a single pin. This helps them find your products without the cumbersome process of scrolling through your entire website to find the ones they liked, which might also lead to a potential lead that would be lost because they might not be able to find the exact product they were looking for. This option encourages people to make the purchase almost instantly. 
  6. Performance Metrics: Social media platforms deliver greater value if the strategy is based on analytics rather than pure assumptions. A data-driven approach to maximize your efforts is a step in the right direction. The performance metrics make it easier to determine the kind of content that works and the kind of content that doesn’t work and then readjust your strategy accordingly. The native Pinterest Analytics also gives a more comprehensive view of your posts’ clicks, impressions, and engagement. Keep an eye out on the performance of your pins, and then refine your posts according to the ones that work better than others and resonate more with your audience. 
  7. The power of influencers: Lastly, but most importantly, collaborating with influencers will benefit your business objectives, no matter who you are and what you do. Influencers Following and pinning influencers’ posts help you make relationships with influencers, and they are more likely to talk about your brand and pin your post back. Pinterest Influencer Marketing isn’t that huge at the moment, but you can enter the race early and get a headstart as far as this option is concerned. 


Final Words

Pinterest is an excellent platform for building a business, and with its niche crowd and engaged audience, it is much easier to build a brand using Pinterest than other social media platforms. This quick guide should help you get started with Pinterest, and with a couple of data monitoring tools, you should be able to enjoy the full spectrum of benefits that the platform offers to brands.


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5 Ways To Build Your Business On Pinterest

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