It’s that time of year again; when the temperatures rise and people start looking forward to a little R&R, they also seek refuge from the sweltering summer conditions. As heat advisories are peaking this season, there are a number of common trends we are witnessing on social media. In turn, we have put together a list of five ways influencers are cooling off this summer.  


1. Pool Sharing

The sharing economy isn’t just about Uber and Airbnb anymore. And though there are pools with some housing in the sharing economy, sometimes all you want to do is be outdoors. Now there are apps for that, too.

Two well-known apps that promote pool sharing for those who want to host a pool party or maybe have more convenient access to an uncrowded pool, Swimply and Swimmy, are gaining considerable attention. 

Both companies work like other sharing economy apps: You type in your ZIP code and then locate a pool near you so you can “escape locally,” as Swimply says. Such services are ripe for influencer promotion, and both companies take advantage of the opportunity to gain more exposure. For example, a recent Swimply campaign accessed recognition with Lizzy and Family, a micro-influencer who has an engaged following. 


2. Cool Foods

Let’s face it, when it’s hot, you may not even want to turn on the stove. In response, some influencers are finding ways around that – with seasonal fruit and a blender.

Staying cool can be associated with cold or frozen foods, and many influencers have found a way to be healthy and summer-friendly.

Michaela Vais (@elavegan) is a well-known vegan influencer who knows how to whip up a cool dessert or a low-protein meal, which helps people stay cooler on hotter days. And if you are looking for a smoothie, Anna Lindberg (@memysmoothiesandlife) has a large following of smoothie enthusiasts and a variety of recipes to keep you cool.


3. Cool Sheets

Whether you mist your sheets with water, put them in the freezer, or decide to purchase a set that uses materials to keep you cooler, there are several ways to stay cool at night. 

Regardless of your method of choice, influencers make sure followers know the best choices if you choose to invest in a nice set of sheets to keep you cool. And companies are becoming more aware of the power of influence marketing. For example, Brooklinen, which is regularly ranked at the top of every “best sheets” list, has an entire section of its website dedicated to its favorite influencers. This is a clever marketing move because it creates a two-way street. Whether you access their website from an influencer post, or you want to know who supports the company from their website, there is a clear relationship being created. 


4. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

If you plan on being out in the sun (and maybe rent that pool), take care of your skin and stay cool while you do it. A popular trend in skin protection is to make aloe vera ice cubes. For how-to enthusiasts, step-by-step instructions and videos are a popular trend for those who enjoy DIY projects and want clean, simple products. 

This is where influencers can come in handy. Followers can access advice and steps on various platforms from those they like and respect as they look for ways to stay cool and protected.  


5. Cool Off Your Dog

Not to ignore those cute cats that lounge around the house all day, but if you have a dog, it has to get outside, just like you. With the heat rising, it can be harmful if your dog gets overheated. Well, there is a solution for that in the Canada Pooch Chill Seeker

The Chill Seeker is a water-filled ice pack that fits on a dog like a vest, covering its back and chest. Marketing for such an item isn’t difficult–pet posts always get good traffic, but put them in a cooling vest and a hat, and social media goes insane. Canada Pooch knows how to capitalize social media well using posts and stories that feature influencer dogs who wear their vests.   


In Closing

Whether people are looking for a pool, an ice pack, or a frozen treat, putting products in front of them on the platforms they use most is an effective way to gain attention. Influencers can be key to an effective marketing strategy for those who want word-of-mouth, authentic and trustworthy recommendations.

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