Conversations within marketing circles are never absent of the purportedly magical powers of influencer marketingHowever, many brands find themselves on the fence when debating whether this buzzword of a tactic is actually worth their time, and most importantly, beneficial to their bottom line.

Studies from groups comprised of top-level marketers in a variety of industries have shown that 94% say influencer marketing is an effective strategy. If you’re in charge of the marketing department at your company and you have been tasked with expanding your efforts and modernizing your approach, this is seemingly great news. But it isn’t that simple. Though a majority of marketers believe influencer marketing is a viable tactic, it’s still in many ways very challenging to accurately report on the true ROI of an influencer campaign. This may be the primary obstacle faced by the influencer marketing industry today.

While there are many tangible benefits of influencer marketing, there’s still much to be desired when it comes to forming a campaign that is effectively measurable for both agencies and marketers alike.

Influencer Marketing Done Right

Many brands also struggle with the misconceptions that exist within the influencer marketing industry. One of the most common stereotypes is that influencer marketing is simply the modern iteration of the celebrity endorsement. Being that influencers are often modern-day celebrities who have become public figures in the digital realm, their name recognition and engaged audiences attract brand partnerships in a similar way to the star quarterback for your favorite professional football team.

But influencer marketing is much more than just a celebrity product endorsement. Traditional celebrity endorsements are less about consumer engagement and more about binding a public figure’s fame and name recognition to a particular brand. For brands, celebrity endorsements are more about building brand awareness and recognition while grabbing the attention of a wide audience.

Influencer marketing, however, is more focused around building this elusive consumer engagement that is lacking in most celebrity endorsements. Influencers typically have large and highly-engaged audiences, and they often fit into a particular field of interest. This is the reason influencers are more effective at tapping into a specific niche than celebrity endorsement campaigns, that again, focus more on mass visibility and brand awareness. Influencers are respected figures within their particular field of interest or expertise, and their audiences typically reflect both their interests and their values.

5 Influencer Marketing Campaigns To Inspire You To Start Your Own

To give you an idea of how brands — both big and small — are leveraging the power of influencers in their marketing efforts, we’ve put together a list of 5 powerful and highly successful influencer-driven campaigns. For brands still asking themselves if influencer marketing is worth the hype, dive into these cases below and see for yourself.

1. PUBG Mobile – Halloweek

Viral Nation has been working with PUBG Mobile for years now. So this year with Halloween approaching, we helped PUBG Mobile take over Father Duffy Square in Times Square to promote their launch of the new 0.9.0 update.

The general public had the opportunity to play the PUBG Mobile Halloweek Screaming Challenge, a challenge where their screams killed zombies in the game. The goal of the campaign was brand messaging focused on the app update, along with the social contest to win a Samsung S9. The top 13 participants won a Samsung S9 smartphone.

“Participants had to scream into a tablet to kill zombies. So the louder you scream, the more damage/kills you get. So naturally, participants were extremely loud. This not only helped them win prizes, but it also drew in huge crowds of people who were looking to see what was going on and introduced them to the game. We also had brand ambassadors present at all times, and even local influencers came by and helped promote it to their audience. It was a best of both”

-Alvin Ma, Account Director at Viral Nation

The iconic PUBG Mobile supplies crate was dropped in the footprint, along with the PUBG Mobile pumpkin car, showcasing a skin from the new update. The giveaways were very well received, with PUBG Mobile grenade keychains being the most popular. Foot traffic was also strong throughout the entire activation. People were lined up to give their best screams and exterminate as many zombies as possible. Having the gameplay projected on large monitors for all to see greatly enhanced the experience, as well.



And this event wasn’t just for kids and avid gamers. Both children and adults alike had a blast going through the experience, and many gave it a strong group effort! Our efforts were well received and we left a positive impression with both New Yorkers and tourists in Times Square. 

2. Calm – #YearOfCalm

Named Apple’s 2017 App of the Year, San Francisco-based software company Calm had a goal to make 2018 the #YearOfCalm. Viral Nation was challenged with driving brand awareness and app installs, and we employed multiple strategies and tactics to ensure performance-driven results. The main goals of the campaign centered around user acquisition, app installs, increasing brand awareness and positioning Calm as the number one meditation app on the market.

Operating on a short timeline with 29 influencers, Viral Nation was able to exceed interaction projections and drive tangible results. By activating multiple influencers across different verticals and platforms, we were able to leverage the “New Year, New You” mentality and encourage people to take control of 2018 and make it the #YearOfCalm.



By incorporating a frequent posting schedule (147 total posts, to be exact) and strong calls to action to ensure the messaging resonated with audiences, we were able to substantially drive user acquisition and app installs, not to mention create huge brand awareness for Calm. 

A total of 29 influencers published 147 posts for the campaign, and it resulted in a rank increase of 235 spots on the App Store. That’s a big increase, to say the least. We were also tasked with generating 7 million social interactions, and at the time of reporting, were able to more than double our goal and achieve a jaw-dropping 16.6 million social interactions.

3. Baidu – FaceMoji: “Pride”moji

Here at Viral Nation, we have seen great success in implementing meme marketing into our influencer campaigns. Leveraging pop culture trends is simply one piece of the puzzle. Knowing how to weave the most fitting and engaging content and dialogue into the campaign is absolutely paramount to its success.

We had the distinct honor of activating a campaign with Facemoji, a utility app company whose emoji keyboard is very popular internationally. This past June for Pride Month, Viral Nation teamed up with influencers Shea CouleeNaomi Smalls, and Kim Chi from the hit television series ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’. The goal was to drive user acquisition and massive brand awareness for the Facemoji keyboard app, by creating engaging, memorable content that resonated with its target audience. With a benchmark of 1.5 million social interactions, we certainly had our work cut out for us.

“Working with a counterculture and community like Drag Queens is an effective and logical partnership when it comes to Pride related campaigns. Leveraging our relationships with queens like Kim Chi, Shea Coulee, and Naomi Smalls, brands like Facemoji Keyboard attach their presence to these figureheads with a dedicated community. Their audiences are engaged and ultimately drive strong traffic to both socials and highly effective when it comes to driving user acquisition”

-Samantha Rabinovits, Account Executive at Viral Nation

Each Queen was tasked with developing custom GIFs/Stickers, which were later distributed on their socials and will live in the Facemoji app. The content was distributed through each influencers’ social account as well as applicable social media theme pages (like Sarcasm Only and Bye Felipe, to name a couple).

kim chi pridemoji GIF

By activating three celebrity Drag Queen performers from the popular reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race, Viral Nation was able to exceed projected interactions by 353%.

4. Chispa 5.0

Chispa, the Latin dating app for Latino & Latina singles, returned to Viral Nation to continue to drive app installs and increase brand awareness through social media.

The goal of the campaign was to drive user acquisition and increase app installs while increasing brand awareness and positioning Chispa as the number one dating app for Latin singles. Viral Nation collaborated with 23 Hispanic influencers and employed a strategy that activates a high quantity of micro-influencers to increase the volume of Chispa content. We also whitelisted influencer content to push to targeted audiences in order to increase interactions.



The strategy for this campaign revolved around leveraging Instagram stories with clear key messaging and strong calls-to-action to download the Chispa app. 

Utilizing the “beauty” influencer niche has been a proven tactic for being the most successful avenue for Chispa activations. And this campaign was no different. By ensuring the selected influencers had a large Hispanic following, strong audience alignment, and came in at a very low CPV, and we were able to develop a very high ROI while generating the lowest CPR to date for Chispa.



5. Wish – Lakers Suite Night

Wish, the e-commerce giant that is quickly gaining traction on competitors like Amazon, presented us with a challenge to improve brand sentiment through a creative influencer activation.

Wish’s goal was to build on brand positioning and trust to improve brand sentiment. We were tasked with driving massive awareness for Wish and using their partnership with the Los Angeles Lakers to increase brand affinity. By utilizing the brand’s existing partnership with the Los Angeles Lakers as an opportunity to combine hospitality and social media, we activated 15 influencers to attend the Wish x Lakers Suite Night and enjoy a night of fun, competition and exclusive access to the Staples Center.

“Wish and the Los Angeles Lakers have a very special partnership, so we wanted to bring that to life by extending the reach and message through social media influencers. By partnering with 16 influencers from various backgrounds we were able to introduce the Wish shopping brand to millions of new and diverse audiences across social media in a fun yet meaningful way.”

-Travis Hawley, Director of Social Media, Social Listening, and Social Selling at Viral Nation

The strategy as a whole revolved started with sending influencers a care package from Wish and the Lakers to be used for pre-promotion content, and also a personal invitation to the game. Viral Nation arranged activities and created an environment that invited authentic content creation opportunities for the influencers. A promotional video of the entire activation was distributed by Wish for their own marketing initiatives. Check it out below!



Wish was able to establish immense brand awareness as a result of this activation. The influencer content from the event generated over 2,000,000 social media interactions.

In Closing

As we explained in these outstanding examples, for brands looking to increase sales, boost brand awareness and build consumer trust, influencer marketing can be one of the most powerful assets in taking your business to the next level and enhancing your bottom line. Creating a tailor-made strategy, selecting the best influencer(s), and partnering with an award-winning influencer marketing agency can have a profound and lasting impact on your brand marketing strategy. The only question remaining is; what are you waiting for?

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