Being one of the more specialized networks, the average person has likely never heard of Twitch. However, if you are an avid gamer, Twitch is huge, and a mecca of sorts for all things gaming and live-streaming related. Though the company was recently dealt a blow when rival Mixer struck an exclusive deal with Twitch’s biggest star, Ninja, it is still the video streaming network of choice for gamers, boasting a sizeable and enthusiastic fan base. Clearly companies like Amazon believed in the potential of Twitch, considering the tech giant it bought the streaming video platform in 2014.

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The platform provides streamers with a detailed dashboard that analyzes gaming and broadcasting statistics on the platform, and there are numerous websites that offer statistics and analytics related to Twitch. In light of this, we selected 15 Twitch statistics that highlight just how popular the network already is, and how powerful it can be moving forward into the future.

1. 55% of Twitch Users Are Aged Between 18-34

This statistic is from comScore 2017 data and may even come as a surprise people to those who have the misguided belief that video games are ‘just for kids’ This stigma couldn’t be further from the truth, are many gamers are older than children, with 73% of Twitch users aged between 18 and 49. Game consoles hit the market in the era of Generation X and were a staple of child and teen culture for Millennials growing up. Add in handheld gaming devices and the advent of the internet, and the idea of gaming being the massively popular entity it is today doesn’t seem so farfetched.

Once people started playing games, there was no reason for them to give up just simply because they reached a certain age (though adult responsibilities have certainly cut down the playing time of the person writing this article, full transparency). There are numerous ‘older’ gamers who continue to play and stream today on Twitch, some of which even make a living off of their gaming streams.

2. Twitch Users spend 95 Minutes per Day on the platform

According to Twitch, their average user spends 95 minutes per day watching live gaming. This is certainly much longer than the daily time spent on the typical social network, even Instagram. For instance, the photosharing social platform claims that its younger users average 32 minutes a day on its app, while powerhouse YouTube is just over 40 minutes. To say Twitch has an engaged audience base would be a massive understatement.

3. 21.3% of Twitch Viewing is eSports

Market researcher Newzoo found that eSports account for 21.3% of Twitch’s viewing is eSports, and it has become the biggest driver of video traffic on the platform.

4. Over 44 Billion Minutes of Content Are Streamed each Month

According to data from Twitchtracker, Twitch’s viewers spent an average of 44 billion minutes per month watching the live streaming on the platform in the first half of 2018.

5. Fortnite was the Most Popular Game Played on Twitch in 2018

According to Twitchtracker’s analytics, Fortnite was played by OVER HALF (51.5%) of the time when games are streamed on Twitch (as of July 2018). Fortnite has held the number 1 spot since 2017.

6. Twitch Has More Than 15 Million Daily Active Users

Twitch reports that it enjoys over 15 million daily active users who watch video streaming each day.

Obviously, most Twitch users don’t stream their own games, but they enjoy being entertained by their heroes in action, commentating on their games as they play them.

7. Males account for 81.5% of Twitch Users

Twitch Advertising reports, using comScore Sept 2017 data, that 81.5% of Twitch users were male. This may not be surprising for too many people, being that the stereotypical gamer is male. However, it does indicate a variable between the average Twitch users and typical gamers, according to the Entertainment Software Association. Statistics suggest that a much higher 41% of gamers are women.

8. There are over 27,000 Twitch Partners

These are the people who are most likely to monetize their streams, and who often work with brands. One of the key benefits of being a Twitch Partner is that you can share in advertising revenue and sell merchandise through official Twitch channels.

9. 1 Million People Watched a Single Event

Another milestone reached in 2017, happened during the ELEAGUE’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Grand Final. At its peak, there were more than a million people on Twitch watching the event concurrently, making it one of the most successful events in Twitch’s history.

10. 21.32% of Viewers Come from the United States

According to data collated by SimilarWeb, the most popular visitors to the Twitch website come from the United States, making up 21.32% of the site’s total visitors. This is more than three times the traffic generated from any other country. Russians are the second-largest group of visitors at 6.35%, followed by Germans at 6.17%, Brazilians at 5.03%, and visitors from the United Kingdom at 4.77%. According to SimilarWeb, Twitch receives traffic from a further 249 countries.

11. Twitch’s Peak Viewing Time is 4:00pm EST

Somewhat surprisingly for a platform dominated by Americans, according to Twitchstats the peak viewing time on Twitch is 16:00 EST. The lowest viewing time is exactly 12 hours from that – 4:00 EST.

12. Ninja Was Watched for 151,096,501 hours Over in 2018

Ninja had operated the most popular channel on Twitch over the last year. In that time his followers watched him for a total of 151,096,501 hours. Ninja streamed for 3,329 hours. The bulk of Ninja’s viewing has been since March, with a peak of 439,866 viewers on April 22nd. The vast majority of his gaming has been on Fortnite.

13. There are over 9 million channels

There have been 9,006,466 distinct channels on Twitch over the last year. This is an increase of 1,833,673 compared to the previous year. The most people broadcasting simultaneously has been 64,646 and the least broadcasting at the same time has been 2,466.

14. There are over 220,000 Twitch Affiliates

Twitch reports that over 220,000 streamers have been granted Affiliate status in the first year of the Affiliate scheme operating (April 2017 – April 2018). They broadcast 34.5 million hours over the last eight months of 2017.
More than 5.7 billion chat messages have been sent in Affiliate channels – which have included 435 million Affiliate emotes.

15. 124 Million + Total Clips on Twitch

According to the 2017 Year in Review, there are now more than 124 million clips uploaded to Twitch. And these have been viewed over 1.7 billion times.


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