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Product marketing in the digital world is a crucial component of every brand and organization today. Fact is, if you want to be successful online, you need a strong product marketing strategy to grow your business. With a clearly defined product marketing strategy, your brand can not only improve brand awareness but also easily track and understand consumer behavior. Today, marketers and businesses have their hands’ full learning about the most effective influencer marketing strategy, how influencers contribute to the purchase decision, and how content distribution can help them boost their campaign ROI. With the increasing popularity of influencer collaborations and the prevalence of digital media, it’s become increasingly important to get your product marketing right if you hope to be successful.

With that said, here are 10 profitable ways to amplify your product marketing in the digital world.

1. Have Clear Goals

When building out your initial product marketing strategy, it’s crucial to set clear goals with your efforts. Whether it be conversions, leads, engagement, or even downloads, you must have a specific target in mind that you are aiming to achieve.

Implementing your product marketing strategy without clear goals is an exercise in futility. And measuring the success of your campaign becomes far more difficult without knowing your objectives. Creating clear goals allows you to modify your product marketing strategy based on the results you are getting, as well.

Keep in mind, when you are creating your marketing objectives, make sure they’re achievable and measurable. For example, creating a goal around ‘increasing website traffic’ is a pretty vague objective. It’s also one that you cannot be accurately measured. Instead, creating a goal of ‘increasing website traffic by __%’ gives you a far more specific objective to work towards achieving.

2. Create Long-Term Relationships with Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

When it comes to product marketing online, there are few (if any) tactics more effective than influencer marketing. And finding influencers who can be your brand ambassadors, in the long run, is a highly successful influencer marketing tactic. Many organizations, from small businesses to large and popular brands, have been collaborating with the same influencers on all their campaigns.

While one-off campaigns have their benefit for goals like brand awareness, such associations don’t necessarily build long-term success for your brand. This is where working with an influencer marketing agency can be massively beneficial. These agencies have established relationships with influencers and can bridge the gap while integrating the services of an influencer with your brand marketing efforts.

3. Utilize Search Retargeting

For those who may be unfamiliar, search retargeting is the process of targeting users based on the previous keywords they have used in search engines. This retargeting allows your business to connect with people based on their specific interests. Since these users are already looking for something similar to your product or service, your chances of increasing your conversions are much higher.

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You can also research your competitors’ audience base by retargeting your ads to people searching for them. This may draw attention away from your competitors while bringing you valuable customers at the same time. This is a particularly strong tactic if you have a limited budget.

4. Make your Campaigns Mobile-Friendly

Today, consumers are always on-the-go and heavily dependent on mobile devices. And their need for mobile-friendly products and services is more present than ever. Simply put, to be successful in an ultra-competitive business landscape, your content must be mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly campaigns are becoming an increasingly critical element of an effective product marketing strategy in today’s digital world. To achieve your goals, you must be highly-visible where the majority of your audience is. And they are on their mobile devices.

5. Analyze and Measure All Parameters

One of the most important ways to ensure that your product marketing strategy is working is to measure it. You must keep measuring all of the parameters of your digital marketing campaign regularly. It’s crucial that you measure as much data as possible to determine if your product marketing strategy is working or not. Brands must calculate data that factors into their ROI, and these analytics can help you dig into the numbers and figure out which strategies are working and which are not. Based on your analysis, you can modify your product marketing strategy and fix any issues.

6. Did we mention retargeting?

inforgraphic on the effectiveness of retargeting

7. Maintain Consistent Messaging Across All Platforms

The first (and most important) rule for creating an integrated online and offline marketing strategy is consistency.

As is the case with many aspects of life, consistency is key. The same rings true in the business world, where it’s vital that your brand represents itself consistently to build consumer recognition and trust. Customers in the modern world aren’t that much different than those of the past. At the end of the day, they want an experience that they can depend on. This means using consistent branding, including your business name, company’s logo, colors, and other branding elements in a fashion that makes your business recognizable, regardless of what platform they discover you from. This is something that should also be incorporated into your social media content creation.

8. Build a Mobile App

The invention of the smartphone completely changed the world.  And amongst those changes was the way customers interact with your business. Smartphones are a powerful tool for marketing, and one of the hottest trends developing today is building a mobile app for your business. Consumers today value convenience and ease of use, first and foremost. And it’s easier and more convenient if they can access everything they may need from your business in the convenience of a functional, well-designed mobile app.

9. Bring Offline Events Online

Accessibility and authenticity are becoming more and more important as Millennials and Generation Z gain power in the marketplace.

This generation of consumers is seeking authentic interactions with the brands they choose to engage with. This presents an ideal opportunity to connect with your potential customers by creating offline marketing events that consumers will truly want to experienceVanessa Spagnuolo, an Account Director here at Viral Nation, recently touched on this trend in a recent article regarding the influencer marketing trends of 2019.

“I think a trend right now that Viral Nation does extremely well is integrating influencers with experiential events. Influencers help to bridge the gap between offline experiences and online sharing. Have you ever heard the saying “pics or it didn’t happen?” Influencers elevate and add value to any experiential component because they bring and organic perspective to a branded event. Influencers can also be substitutes for hiring celebrities for events as they are typically at a fraction of the cost and you can find an influencer in any niche that would best fit the brand, rather than having a celebrity that may be well known, but is so far removed from the community that the brand is trying to target.”
-Vanessa Spagnuolo, Account Director at Viral Nation

10. Customize Your Campaign

Personalization is key when you are looking to catch the eye of potential consumers. A customized message or email offer can go far when it comes to motivating a consumer to think about your item. Influencer marketing is, of course, a massively effective tactic for promoting a focused and customized campaign. This can do wonders for support efforts around brand commitment as well.

Final Thoughts

We outlined a few of the core principles around amplifying your product marketing. From identifying your consumer personas, targeting the right audiences, analyzing your data, and retargeting, all these tactics are tried and true methods and have proven to increase returns.


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